3 best excursions from Prague to another city.

3 best excursions from Prague to another city.
The focus of the Czech Republic on the maximum service for tourists is manifested in a huge number of sightseeing routes. Only in Prague can order dozens of excursions (sightseeing, bus, pedestrian, thematic, individual). It is impossible to see the whole of the Czech Republic for one trip, even if it is a monthly one. But some, satiated by impressions from Prague, tourists sometimes want to relax on a country trip, see old castles, other Czech cities, Central European nature. The choice of such excursions is great, it is better to prepare for it in advance.
Near excursions.
Offers Russian-speaking travel agencies near (one-day) inexpensive excursions usually combine a visit to a historical monument, a castle with a pragmatic visit (to the brewery, cosmetic production, folk crafts).
Among these routes it is possible to single out a trip to Pruhonice. The main excursion object of the trip is Prugonitsky Park, part of the cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. The length of pedestrian routes in the park, founded in 1885, reaches forty kilometers, passing through the forests of exotic trees, alpine meadows, gardens, past the Botich stream and a large artificial pond.
The huge botanical collection of Pruhonice Park became the full-scale base of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Particularly interesting is the park in spring (during the flowering of azaleas, rhododendrons) and in the autumn, when all the shades of fading leaves are set off by coniferous trees.
In addition to the park, Earl of Silva-Taruka built the castle “Pruhonice”, rebuilt in the century before last in the Neo-Renaissance style. Not being a defensive structure, the castle is decorative, emphasizing the beauty of the famous park. To visit the individual rooms of the castle are opened (Knights’ Hall, courtyards), in demand by Czech weddings.
The second part of the excursion is a visit to the brewery “Velkopopovitsky Kozel”, named “Following the tracks of Kozla”. The famous beer, along with Staropramen, is most popular outside the Czech Republic, is well known in Russia. Here, excursionists taste several types of beer, get acquainted with the production technologies, the living talisman of the plant, the goat Oldu.
The average range.
With a ten-day visit to Prague, it is convenient to choose a couple of diverse excursions, one for the Czech Republic, the second – to neighboring countries. In a one-day excursion it is difficult to fully see the distant European cities. For excursions to Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Paris one day is clearly not enough.
One of the best options for an economical, European, one-day excursion is a trip to Dresden, the ancient Saxon capital. The short distance of the trip (160 kilometers from Prague), the unnecessary visa, the affordable price of a group bus excursion (30 � from an adult) attract many tourists.
The architecture of Dresden is unique, in Germany there are no other examples of Baroque style of such brightness. Many buildings are gracefully Italian, so Dresden was named “Florence on the Elbe”.
The main sightseeing objects are:
Zwinger Palace; Dresden Picture Gallery; The Semper Opera House; The Lutheran Church of Fraukirkhe; Baroque palace ensemble with a park complex Zwinger, numerous fountains is beautiful from all sides.
For its full inspection of the time the excursion is not enough, therefore tourists examine the palace visually.
It is better to visit the picture gallery yourself. In one of the best museums in Europe is widely represented the work of Italians: Titian, Veronese, Raphael, Giorgione, Correggio, Tintoretto. In the silence of the gallery you can admire the largest collection of paintings of the Dutch, Flemish school: paintings by Rembrandt, Huls, Vermeer, Ruisdael, works by Rubens, Snyders, Van Dyck. Connoisseurs are interested in separate sections of the gallery – the Weapons Chamber, the Museum of Porcelain.
From other architectural monuments it is worth to visit the City Hall, the Cross Church, the Albertinum, the Bruhl Terrace.
Many historical buildings, destroyed by English air raids of the second world, were lovingly restored to their original appearance. The work of German builders and artists is recognized as the standard of exemplary restoration.
Many excursion programs offer tourists a visit to the Moritzburg Palace. The palace is visited after Dresden. A small hook (20 minutes drive) leads visitors to a fairytale castle, standing on an island in the middle of a large lake. The beauty, harmony of the castle is captured, it is not for nothing that it is filmed in numerous fairy-tale movies.
Among the long, two-day excursions the most interesting are the trips that combine a visit to a large European city with road stops near historical sites and natural attractions. One of the best trips of such a plan is a tour of tourists to Munich with a visit to the castles of Bavaria.
The program of the first day.
Transfer from Prague, sightseeing tour of Munich, free time. The historical core of Munich includes the famous Marienplatz square, the Town Hall, the Frauenkirche. In addition, they are interested in Hofgarten, the Old Courtyard, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Karlsplatz and Odeonsplatz.
In their spare time tourists visit the giant English park, the famous Munich museums (in the Karlsplatz area there are three picture libraries, the Glyptoteka). Many tourists prefer to make purchases in the prestigious street Maximilianstrasse, others – they taste Bavarian beer in the famous Hofbrauhaus beer garden. The first day of the excursion ends at the alpine boarding house near Neuschwanstein Castle.
The program of the second day.
A leisurely trip of the second day includes stops on the way, excursions to Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof, visiting the cathedral, the Benedictine monastery in Ettal.
The fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein was built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II on the site of the two defensive fortresses of Schwangau. The castle of the nineteenth century (built in 1869 – 1883) was originally conceived as a romantic, decorative building for summer holidays. “Swan Castle” has become an architectural illustration of the ancient Germanic legends, the music of Wagner. The same motifs prevail in the interiors of the castle, among which are the Throne, Festive, Song Hall. The Linderhof Castle was named “Bavarian Versailles”, in many respects copying the elegant French architecture. Bavarian King Ludwig II was a fan of Louis XIV, in many ways imitated him. This is reflected in the architecture of the castle Linderhof, the park complex, numerous images of the peacock, busts, statues of the French king. Of the interiors most interesting are the Mirror, Western Tapestry Hall, the royal bedroom. In the park complex, the famous grotto of Venus is an indispensable object of visit – an artificial cave with original lighting (which became the prototype of modern color music). The grotto is decorated with frescoes, paintings, an artificial reservoir with a waterfall, performances of the opera Tannhauser were held here. Ettal Abbey (the church and the male Benedictine monastery) is considered the best monument of baroque architecture in the south of Germany. Ancient (1330) monastery was completely rebuilt after a fire (XVIII century) by the Swiss architect Tsukkali, restored after the decay in 1900. With an individual excursion in Ettal you can visit the production of liqueur, an excellent local brewery, stay in a rural hotel.
Preparing for an economical excursion from Prague, you should also pay attention to the choice of a qualified guide. In the capital of the Czech Republic there are many Russian, Russian-speaking guides. It is their fascinating, informative story that will make the excursion interesting and memorable.