Australian Dollar Immigration

Australian Dollar Immigration
The average salary in Australia is A $ 30,000 per year, which is approximately $ 25,000. If you subtract taxes from this amount and divide by 12 months, you will get an amount of about one and a half thousand dollars a month. In the UK, the minimum wage in terms of Australian dollars is 60,000 per year.
Going to Australia to earn hardly makes sense. Add to this the flight time to Australia, 19 hours, and you will understand why in the time of the British protectorate, Australia was a continent-prison, where all the particularly guilty representatives of the British Empire were exiled.
Australia is even stronger than Canada, needs a new workforce. Therefore, the attitude of the Australian authorities to applicants for Australian citizenship is determined by interest in new working hands.
– you must be at least 45 years old,
– the passage of a medical commission (for a number of diseases the visa will be refused);
– confirmation of your professional qualifications (may take up to six months),
– from four to six years of working experience (depending on the specialty),
– Mandatory English for children (paid before arrival in Australia),
– the IELTS test is not lower than 7 points, and in each (.) of the 4 parts of the exam. *
For those who still want to bury themselves in the Australian desert, it will be useful to know that the number of immigrants to the UK is the Australians firmly occupying the third place (3,378 applications for the past year). And the largest Russian-speaking diaspora consists of people from Odessa.
1) There is no economic sense in immigration to Australia.
2) In terms of time and effort, the most difficult process.
3) It makes no sense to go to Australia, if all of Australia itself travels to the UK.
Despite the truth of what has been said, it must be acknowledged that today Australia is a much more popular brand. The Russian mentality is more inclined to believe in the “beautiful far away”