Auto mechanics.

Auto mechanics.
Wanted Auto mechanics / Auto mechanics in Canada.
Mechanics and car mechanics is one of the sought-after specialties in Canada with a high demand for labor markets. Mechanics with professional work experience can relatively easily receive an invitation to work from a Canadian employer and apply for a work visa to Canada. Mechanics who have worked in Canada for more than one year have the right to apply for immigration to obtain the Permanent Residence status through the Express Entry system.
Skills and Responsibilities: Diagnosis and identification of faults, repairs and maintenance, replacement of components, knowledge of safety.
Conditions of employment: a permanent, full-time work schedule of 40 hours per week.
Education: professional-diploma / certificate.
Required work experience: 1 year.
English: intermediate level.
Average salary: 25 $ per hour.
Working in Canada is your way to successful immigration to Canada. GIC Canada Immigration Co. will help you to complete all necessary documents as quickly as possible and submit them to the necessary authorities for obtaining a Work Permit with the possibility of further immigration to Canada and obtaining permanent residence status through the Express Entry system.
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