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& # 171; Australia. Russian emigration & # 8212; wave after wave & # 187 ;. Author’s program of Ravid Horus.
Russians in Australia & # 8212; Who are they? Why, once on the Green Continent, you can sometimes think that you are in Odessa? And what does the Russians in Australia have to the gold rush?
On these and other issues in the author’s program of Ravid Gora & # 171; Russian world: People and countries & # 187; meets IT specialist and blogger Olga Proskurnyak (Sydney)
Subject, affect the program.
0:23 & # 8212; Presentation of the guest.
0:58 & # 8212; & # 171; Ways & # 187; Russians to Australia. Waves of emigration.
4:12 & # 8212; How many Russians in Australia?
5:31 & # 8212; The organization of compatriots. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. March for ANZAK day.
6:55 & # 8212; Soviet ideas about life in Australia. The TV series & Skippy & # 187; (91 episodes).
9:06 & # 8212; On the preservation of national identity. 3 ways: integration, assimilation and marginalization.
11:08 & # 8212; Change in Australia’s immigration policy of the last decade.
12:27 & # 8212; What can the family do to preserve Russian identity among its children?
13:10 & # 8212; Mention of the Russian Theater in Australia. Summer camps.
13:50 & # 8212; Are the measures of political pressure on Russia, as well as a lever of influence on the Russian-speaking community? Where is it allowed to violate the rules of incorrectness?
15:54 & # 8212; Culture in the form of variety guest performers from Russia in Australia.
16:30 & # 8212; On the quality of the work of the organization “Scarlet Sail”, its charitable activities.
18:02 & # 8212; TV programs and a Russian-language radio station.
18:40 & # 8212; The division of people on the basis of the assessment of the “Ukrainian Question”.
19:59 & # 8212; You can get used to everything except & # 8230; Australian 6-centimeter cockroaches.
23:42 & # 8212; The point of collision between the Russian and Australian mentality is the zone of difference in the interests of urban and rural culture and the perception of the opacity of social strata.
26:27 & # 8212; About the national cuisine of Australians.
28:45 & # 8212; What is interesting for Australia tourist?
29:56 & # 8212; Focus of foreign policy attention of Australians.
31:10 & # 8212; Can an alternative point of view, opposed to the state mainstream, be formed and maintained?
32:45 & # 8212; Students who received education return to Russia. More and more young people who have received an education do not set themselves the task of remaining in Australia in any way.
35:03 & # 8212; Thank you Olga. Ravid Gore will always be happy with interesting questions and suggestions to discuss new topics.
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