By bus.

By bus.
The Barcelona City Transport Service (TMB) provides bus services to Terminal T1 and Terminal T2 during the day. The fare on T-BM buses (TMB) is much lower than in Airbuses (Aerobus). One-way ticket costs � 2.15, a trip on the Airbus from Terminals 1 or 2 will cost � 5.90.
A trip on city buses can be paid using T10 transport cards. On buses Aerobus these cards do not work. The T10 can be used for several types of transport, and the trip will be charged as one if the total travel time for several modes of transport is no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can go to different branches in the metro (without leaving the metro), and then, leaving the metro, change to a bus, or vice versa, with the whole journey taking no more than 1 hour and 15 minutes. Keep in mind that you can not go back into the subway again, after you leave it, it will be treated as a separate trip.
Such a travel card can be bought at any metro station.
Bus number 46 follows the Barcelona Airport and leaves from Plaza de Espana (Placa Espanya). The bus stop will be the first on the right, if you go to Placa Espanya on Avenida Parallel. Bus No. 46 first stops outside the T2A Terminal at the stop to the left of the Aerobus stop, if facing the airport. The next stop is located outside the T2S Terminal. The last stop is in front of Terminal T1.
Route of bus number 46.
The first bus No. 46 departs from Plaza de Espana (Placa Espanya) and from Terminal T1 at 04:50, and the last one at 23:50.
Buses run every 20 minutes.
The time in the way of the bus depends on the traffic situation, so put about 40 minutes on the road to Terminal T2 and 55 minutes to Terminal T1. If the roads are free, then the bus reaches T2 in 25 minutes, and to T1 in 35 minutes.
Bus. Conditions of travel.
All TMB (TMB) buses are adapted to carry passengers with disabilities. The bus has a specially allocated place for a wheelchair, and the bus itself is equipped with a ramp.
It should be noted that the buses TMV number 46 plying between the airport and the city center are no different from other city buses. Consequently, they do not have shelves for luggage and luggage. This can cause some difficulties, especially if you have bags besides hand luggage.
Bus. Night buses.
If you arrived in Barcelona at night and you need to get to the city center, Placa Catalunya, use the night buses N 16 or N 17 of MOHN (The Mohn SL company). Bus N17 follows from Plaza Catalunya (Placa Catalunya) directly to the airport. Bus N16 also departs from Plaza Catalunya, but in Castelldefels (Castelldefels), calling on its way to Terminal 2.
One-way trip costs & # 8212; � 2.15. The T-10 card is also valid for night buses.
To find N16 and N17 night buses going to the airport, on Placa Catalunya, you need to go to the stop, which is located at the junction of Ronda Universitat and Placa Catalunya streets.
Bus stops MOHN N17.
The first night bus N17 departs from Plaza Catalunya (Placa Catalunya) at 23:00, the last at 05:00. The first bus �17 from Terminal �1 leaves at 21:55, and the last – at 04:45. Buses run every 20 minutes.
Bus stops MOHN N16.
The first night bus N16 departs from Plaza Catalunya (Placa Catalunya) leaves at 23:30, the last at 05:10. The first of Castelldefels at 23:00, and the last one leaves at 04:40. Buses run every 20 minutes.
In night buses there is also a specially allocated place for a wheelchair, and buses are equipped with a ramp, but they do not have shelves for luggage and luggage.