Canada 98: Immigration after 45 years, does it make sense?

Canada 98: Immigration after 45 years, does it make sense?
Can I immigrate after 45 years in Canada? What are the chances for normal development and adaptation in the country? We are listening. We draw conclusions.
Only a lazy person can not find a job. And so for 45 years, too, you can work and adapt. On account of the fact that for 45 years the chances of English are reduced to zero, in this you are mistaken. Do not scare people and do not mislead.
I came to Canada with my 18-year-old daughter 3 months before my 46th birthday. The work was immediately found by the seller in the store (English was on a fairly good level), but it was terrible to say. IELTS passed for 6 5 7 7. Then there were courses for foreign accountants (where they studied everything except accounting), from there they sent it for 2 months. training in the buh. company. The director held me instead of 2 months to summer (9 months), he paid $ 15 per hour (worked as a bookkeeper). In the summer there is no work and he usually dismisses the staff. Then I was looking for a job for 3 months, I was on insurance and worked as a salesman to improve my language, then I found work for 18 hours a week in the organization (office work) of $ 15 per hour, where my buhg came in handy. knowledge. The staff was very good, friendly, we volunteered a lot, and the supervisor’s mother volunteered with us, she is a very active woman, with Ukrainian roots, even invited me to a house for Christmas. I showed myself very well in this organization, I was added hours, but after a year I left (the supervisor changed jobs and invited me there), at $ 20 per hour. This is a job that brings pleasure !! (not accounting, I’m fed up with her!) Advice to all visiting Russians: be very positive, joke more, they do not like sullen faces. Try to make friends with the Canadians, here very often the work gets acquainted (I know for myself), they call it “networking”. Do not be afraid of volunteering, especially in the industry on the profile, where you can find work in the future.
We came to Canada, when we were 49 and do not live, we work.
I came with my mom and dad not long ago, my father did not do well to be honest, but he was very well versed in cars and got a job as an auto mechanic, and as for my mother, she (well, she had experience of 7 years) immediately with her basic English got a job work as a Director (well, we have already agreed with the companies before the discharge), and for now we live peacefully at 8000 per month (8000 already with taxes included)
I wish the author to be necessary after 45ti, and I do not want you to be thrown out to the side of life. but in general life will show. Before clever, think first, and then talk. A lot of arrogance. Can you always be young? 🙂 I doubt)
I’ll soon learn all your routes))))
What are the roads then such. as in Russia.
how is the situation there, for example, for a person who speaks Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English and Chinese. With a higher education in the Faculty of International Relations), I thank you for your advice.
Can I come for a year or two? Look closely, what and how? Work? We are under 40. Two children. English is free. Spanish spoken. What do you advise?
The more I watch programs about Canada, the more I want in the US.
disgusting channel and the author is the same! any punks emigrate and from there begins to give advice or you can not emigrate to others! yes I’m 46, but my English is weak, yes I will live in the Russian community and work for the Russians! and at the same time I will learn the language, learn some new profession for myself! do not listen to this & quot; clever & quot; every dirty trick takes upon itself the right to draw conclusions to whom and at what age what and how to do and where to go and how to live! without you somehow people will understand. that after 40 everything is already in the box to go to bed? Yes, only to live, I got ready to go, I’ve changed my life, I’m changing my life, I’m setting up a life, and here the snotty adviser sits in Canada and thinks whether or not to move after 45 years.
Often I watch your videos, I learned your way by heart!
Vox, I beg you, please make one detailed video on the issue of FAMILY REUNIFICATION. We have children in Canada and from January 1 submit our documents. How much time does this process take, and are there any positives in this matter? Thank you.
I’m 46, I heard that not one program really can leave, is it?
Thanks for the charge of positive))
When will you have spring already? All snow and snow, March ends)))