Education abroad: 7 best countries and 7 promising ideas.
Over the past thirty years, the number of students traveling to study in another country has grown fivefold. What makes about four # 8230;
Superhero cycling.
If you always felt that you have something from Superman Clark Kent, then buy a ticket for the next race. Because & # 8230;
Grants to young artists.
The Elizabeth Grinshields Foundation helps young talented artists at the initial stage of their creative path. Grants are awarded to candidates working in the field of painting, & # 8230;
Work in Canada under the scheme Live-in Caregiver.
Thanks to a developed economy and social policy and one of the world’s best healthcare systems, Canada is very attractive for immigration.
Down to the sunken ships.
In March 2016 researchers from Northern Ireland and Belgium shared with the world their discovery: it turns out, having analyzed the images from satellites, & # 8230;
Express Entry System & # 8221; in Canada.
Express Entry System & # 8221; to Canada & # 8211; This is a handy program that allows foreign specialists to find work in this country and to move one by one & # 8230;
Canada: how fast to learn two languages.
In Canada, the two official languages are English and French. Both of them have equal status throughout the country, but only English & # 8230;
How to move abroad with a cat.
Without a cat and life is not the same as usual. Selfmadetrip with this completely agree and believes that the move ” this is not an excuse & # 8230;
In search of treasure.
Treasure hunting and gold digging are some of the most common hobbies on the planet – and it’s no wonder that anyone can do this, & # 8230;
Canada: work for students.
Canada – one of the most popular and promising areas for educational emigration. Favorable factors are also called more affordable prices for ”
Test of citizenship.
Before you acquire the citizenship of any country, you will most likely have to pass an examination for knowledge of the language, and most importantly – culture, history & # 8230;
To look after Huskies in the Canadian Arctic.
Go to the Arctic & # 8211; A thrilling adventure at the edge of the world and a real way out of its comfort zone! And if such a journey & # 8230;
How to travel with a dog.
They say that the dog “# 8211; man’s best friend. Today we will talk about how not to throw your four-legged friend and take him & # 8230;
Ice hotels.
To fully enjoy the exotic north, do not necessarily book a cabin in an Arctic icebreaker – just visit the needle hotel! Became & # 8230;
Teach English in Australia and Canada.
Surely you have repeatedly met information about the numerous volunteer programs that offer teachers to go to Nepal or Thailand to teach English at & # 8230;
International exams in English.
There are a lot of international tests for testing the English language. Which one you need to take depends on the goal. But & # 8230;
“Working vacations” and visas for freelancers.
Usually travel, study and work abroad mean different types of visas. However, there are exceptions. For example, visas for “working holidays”, & # 8230;
Art residences for musicians.
Music, perhaps, is the most delicate and complex kind of art. To write a new song, compose a song or think over the structure of a symphony, besides talent, & # 8230;
Volunteering and internships at film festivals around the world.
Volunteering abroad can be not only socially useful, but also interesting. This fully applies to volunteer work & # 8230;
Medicine in Canada.
Canada regularly falls into the list of countries with the highest quality of life, but the health of the northern country seldom occupies high positions in the country.
Scholarships and grants for creative.
In an ideal world, the only problems of a creative person would be only how to get into a minibus with a layout or drive away.
Education in the field of exact sciences.
Math formulas, flasks and test tubes, Newton’s third law … If natural and exact science is your world, then it’s worth to get acquainted. # 8230;
Scholarships and grants for doctors.
The education of a doctor in the Western countries guarantees a comfortable existence. True, at the beginning of the journey you will need a lot of “investment” & # 8211; usually a medical education costs � 8230;
Medical education in different countries.
Profession of the doctor & # 8211; one of the most prestigious and highly paid not only in the West, but, perhaps, in the whole world. A & # 8230;
Education in Canada: funding opportunities.
Canada is very popular and in demand among foreign students. The country, which is one of the leaders in terms of economic development,
To the laboratory in the Canadian Arctic.
“Understand and support the North” & # 8211; here is the motto of an independent nonprofit Scientific Research Center in Churchill in the north of the Canadian province of Manitoba # 8230 ;.
Immigration to Canada.
The second largest state in the world still remains one of the most popular for immigrants. Canada is rightfully considered the most hospitable & # 8230;
Eternal holiday: volunteering at carnivals.
The starting point in the emergence of carnivals is 9-10 century. It was then that the first colorful processions with theatrical performances appeared in the cities of Europe, & # 8230;
Housing in Canada: buying, renting, mortgage, credit.
The housing issue when moving to another country often becomes a stumbling block. Sometimes immigrants have to choose blindly their own apartment for rent & # 8230;
Fun and tasty: volunteering at food festivals.
The first food festivals were autumn harvest holidays. By the beginning of the 20th century, the festivals dedicated to the local cuisine came to the fore – & # 8230;
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