Departure of Ukrainians for permanent residence in New Zealand.

Departure of Ukrainians for permanent residence in New Zealand.
Moving abroad.
Age matters! – this expression is valid for the decision to leave for permanent residence in New Zealand – one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which has a high level of social security for citizens. As Ukrainians go on permanent residence in New Zealand found out
Why New Zealand?
The advantages of emigration to this country are enough:
a soft, pleasant climate and an unusually beautiful nature; Ecological country, which with special care monitors the cleanliness, order and preservation of natural gifts; free education, free medical care and substantial support of citizens from the state in case of loss of employment, work capacity and other force majeure; world recognition of diplomas received in New Zealand; low crime rate; accessibility of exotic sports.
Ways to get into the country for permanent residence.
There are several ways in which you can leave Ukraine and stay to live and work in New Zealand. Determining here is the right choice of visa category:
1. Skilled Migrant Category Residence (SMC)
This is the type of work visa. To obtain a visa, you need to score at least 140 scoring points (age under 55, excellent health, confirmed by medical certificates plus a “fresh” X-ray, no criminal record, experience required for New Zealand and qualification, English IELTS 6.5). To add yourself points, you need to get an invitation to work from a New Zealand accredited firm.
Obviously, to prove to the immigration service that you are capable of benefiting the state is not easy. Hence the large percentage of refusals in the visa. The cost of obtaining a visa consists of:
330 euro for filling in the online registration form (EOI); 187 euros – migration fee; 1860 euros the cost of a visa; 23 euros for service (a visa is issued in London)
This type of visa is issued to those who have worked for two years on Work to Residence visa, received a treasured job offer from a New Zealand firm, its qualification is located at stepsforpriorityoccupations /, or if the applicant for a visa is particularly successful in creativity or sports. If you are unlucky to get Skilled Migrant Category Residence because you did not have enough points for any item, you can try to get this. Requirements from applicants for a Residense from Work visa can be found here ( The cost of the visa is: 935 euros + 23 euros service charge.
Almost analogous to the American Green Card. In this case, young and professional personnel are given the opportunity to search for skilled work in New Zealand for 9 months. If you can find a job, you can exchange this visa for Skilled Migrant Category Residence or Work to Residence. A visa is issued once a year through an online service and no more than 300 visas for applicants from around the world. The chances of getting it are very low, but it’s an excellent and quick start for going out and getting a job. The cost of issuing such a visa: 175 euros (issued in Moscow).
To start hiccup work is necessary already in Ukraine. Your goal is to find a good job and get an invitation to work from an accredited New Zealand firm. Success in this you will ensure the availability and experience of work on demand in New Zealand qualifications, a good level of English.
New Zealand in many respects is like Britain, here the immigrant also has no right to create competition to local labor. The employer will have to prove that there are no alternatives to local job seekers for this job, and he has to hire you. However, there is a list of professions, getting into which you can take without superfluous words and procrastination:
List of popular professions for the long term List of popular professions in the short term http: //www.immigration / NR / rdonlyres / 89185A40-27D3-41F4-84BE-30129920411D / 0 / ISSLMar2014.pdf.
Remote job search in New Zealand is better done here: http: //
Stages of employment in New Zealand.
job search (preferably among accredited companies); sending a well-written resume in English; IELTS with a score of at least 6.5; interview with the employer, job offer; submission of documents for clearance Skilled Migrant Category Residence; if you do not pass on points, registration of Work to Residence visas. Then come to work, increase the score to 140 or more, get a Skilled Migrant Category or wait 24 months and register Residence from Work.
Salaries in New Zealand are average (an auto driver or an employee of the middle level (pizzeria, fast food, snack bars) receive 9.5 euros per hour). But at the same time, citizens are protected socially: the state directs large funds to support the unemployed, even immigrants.
If my specialty does not appear on the list of those in demand?
If you can not get to work, then you can try to get into the country to study. It is necessary to choose a university and enter into it. And it is allowed to bring a partner to New Zealand with you, who will be able to find work and help you at the time of training. Keep in mind: training in New Zealand is expensive for immigrants – an average of 11 thousand euros per year. For citizens, it is possible to study in the country’s universities for free.
You can come to New Zealand for training on language courses. But this is a fairly costly method, both in terms of money and time. You must attend at least 85% of the classes (controlled by the immigration service). Therefore, little time is left for work and its search for time. And the work will most likely be unofficial, for which there are sanctions for both you (deportation) and your employer. The cost of registration of a student visa: 168 euros (issued in New Zealand).
You can find an employer, talk to him about the date and time of the interview, fly to the country by Visitor visa, persuade you to hire you and get a job offer. After all, many employers prefer personal contacts with applicants, not by Skype. Therefore here the advantage is yours. And once you get an invitation to work, you get work visas and legally enter the country and work. The cost of registration Visitor visa: 100 euros (issued in New Zealand). When you enter the country, you do not need a certificate of security with money (an extract from an immigrant bank account).
Here ( you can undergo trial testing for compliance with immigration requirements.
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