Documents – Work permit: Norway.

Documents – Work permit: Norway.
Now it will not work just to stay in Norway and it’s easy to find work there. If you want to live there, you need to get a residence permit (residence permit). Issue it or a license to work only if one or more of the following conditions are met:
– Reunion with relatives.
– Employment by profession, the need for which is hard to close by the forces of the local labor market (a profession with difficult conditions, specific knowledge, etc.)
All natives of other states wishing to find a vacancy or open their own business are required to obtain a work license. If you want to spend within the country, more than a quarter without working, you need to file an application for the issuance of residence permit.
The residence permit and the reasons for its issuance.
Business relocation to Norway gives you a chance to get a residence permit, but you have to open your business. It is worth emphasizing that the company’s smallest constituent capital must be at least 13,000 euros and it must be managed by a Norwegian national. In addition, you must have documented experience of doing business.
There are three ways to issue residence permit.
1) Residence permit for a job seeker. Valid 1 year, not renewable, you can officially reside in the country. Requires a document on education, finances in the amount of 208 thousand kroons (according to the latest information) and a contract for hiring housing. If you could find a job, go to the next option.
2) “job-based specialist” – the employer wants to take you to work and the salary level is not less than half a million kroons a year. Prolongation with prolongation and the possibility of obtaining permanent residence.
3) A highly skilled worker is a professional that the state itself needs (scientists, world-class athletes, top-level managers). They also issue residence permit with prolongation and provision of permanent residence in the future.
Including the residence permit will be granted to a visitor who:
a) wishes to study in Norway.
b) father or mother subjects of Norway.
c) served in Norwegian shipping and had a post on the ship entered in the Norwegian Ordinary Register.
Another way to obtain residence permits may be to get an education. Students are issued a student residence permit. Study in Norway is free, but the stay will have to be provided independently. After completing the training, you can fill out the application for a work permit. Should take note – we have a heading “Work in Norway – Jobs”, then you can always find the most current vacancies with contact information of employers.
The license for employment, as well as residence permit, is usually issued for 1 year. They are prolonged without any problems. Initially, you will issue a permit if you have an invitation from the employer to take up a position with pay and requirements that are not different from the accepted for the given profession of the tariff agreement.
The work permit is of several types:
The license for employment with settlement is usually received by those who:
1) was born by citizens of Norway.
2) served in Norwegian shipping and had a post on the ship with registration in the Norwegian Ordinary Register.
3) has specific training.
4) participates in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
5) wants to open a business.
6) works as an employee in the research institute.
a license for work, without the right to settlement, are issued to visitors who are accommodated:
– to a humanitarian organization.
For temporary employment they issue a license for 3 months.
This affects those who arrived in the country from May 15 to October 31, to perform seasonal work. These are people who have been specially educated and invited to work in agriculture with the help of the Department of Foreigners together with employment services. Such documents are not renewed and do not grant rights to settlement.
The labor exchange will assist you in the selection of the most relevant vacancies. When asked to the labor exchange, they will hold a conversation with a professional who will explain to which vacancy should be paid attention or what training is required to pass. They will help in writing applications.
The labor exchange will help if you have a renewable labor license or a letter from the authorities that you are getting such permission.
Labor service is available in all cities. The address can be found in the telephone directory Arbeidsformidlingen. Provincial Labor Exchange:
Finnmark Fylkesarbeidskontoret i Finnmark Kirkegt.20, Postboks 609, 9801 Vadso.
Visa to Norway.
Between Russia and Norway there is a visa. The seal in the documents is given by the consular service, accredited to do it. Entry through the checkpoint, where all are checked by the police. Those who have a work permit, residence permits or the right to settlement are allowed without a visa to repeatedly visit the state during the validity of the permit.
– When registering a marriage with a Norwegian citizen, after 5 years you can apply for permanent residence.
– After 3 years of work in the role of a specialist, it is possible to obtain permanent residence.
– the process of reuniting relatives is identical to the same in other countries.
– the principle of permanent residence. After 7 years of residence, you get Norwegian citizenship.
Under Norwegian law, dual citizenship is prohibited. To get a Norwegian one, you have to give up the previous one. But, as an exception, dual citizenship can be preserved.