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Airport Fiumicino (Aeroporto nazionale Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino)
This is the largest airport of the Italian capital located 30 km south-west of Rome in a small town Fiumicino.
The airport has 3 terminals: Terminal A serves local lines, Terminal B – local and international lines, Terminal C – only international lines. Basically, all foreign tourists get to Rome via Terminal S. The terminal is large, consists of two parts, between which a mini-train runs. You arrive on the mini-train to the second part of the terminal, pass passport control, take the luggage and on the way out.
From Fiumicino airport to Rome.
Mode 1 – the Leonardo Express will take you to Termini Station. To get there, you need to turn right after leaving the arrivals hall and follow the signs of Treni (trains). The electric train runs 2 times per hour, from 6.23 to 23.33, the journey time is 30 minutes. The cost of the ticket is 14 euros, children under 12 have free travel. Tickets can be bought at the ticket offices near the platform and special vending machines.
Method 2 is an electric train. Dispatched from the same platforms as the Leonardo Express. The train will take you to the Ostiense or Tiburtina railway stations. Both stations are within a few metro stops from the center. The train goes 3 times per hour from 5.57 to 23.27, the journey time is 40 minutes. Ticket price & # 8212; 8 euros. Tickets can be bought in the same place as tickets for the Leonardo Express.
Method 3 & # 8212; special line FL1 (also an electric train) Fiumicino-Fara Sabina / Orte (Fiumicino-Fara Sabina / Orte). From the airport you can reach the stations Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina, Trastevere and a number of others. At the Tiburtina, Tuscolana and Ostiense stations, you can change to line A or B of the Roman metro. The fare is 8 euros. The journey time to the city center is 30 minutes.
Method 4 – buses of the companies Cotral, Alitalia, Terravision. They will take you to the Termini and Tiburtina stations. Tickets cost 6-7 euros, they can be purchased from drivers.
Method 5 – taxi. Travel to the center of Rome will cost 40-60 euros. This amount includes a paid entrance to the airport – 7.75 euros and the cost of carrying baggage. The amount can be more if you use a taxi at night or on a holiday.
From Rome to the airport Fiumicino.
Mode 1 – the Leonardo Express, departs from the Termini station every 30 minutes from 5:35 to 22:35. The ticket costs 14 euros.
Tickets can be purchased at railway ticket offices, self-service terminals, in tobacco kiosks. Self-service terminals accept notes, coins and credit cards. Do not forget to validate tickets in special “boxes” located at the entrance to the platform.
Method 2 – buses of the companies Cotral, Alitalia, Terravision. Buses run daily from Termini Station with Via Marsala, from the stations Tiburtina (Tiburtina) and Ostiense (Ostiense). The ticket price is 6-7 euros.
Method 3 – taxi. The method is not always reliable, since no one will give a guarantee that you will not get into a traffic jam. Taxis can be called in the hotel at the reception or booked in advance via the Internet. The cost is 40-60 euros.
Ciampino Airport
The airport is located 12 kilometers from the center of Rome, consists of two terminals and is oriented mainly to domestic and charter flights.
From Ciampino airport to Rome.
There is no direct railway connection between Ciampino Airport and Rome.
Method 1 & # 8212; You can get to the city by buses Terravision for 4 euros (terminal station Termini station), Cotral for 5 euros (terminal – Anagnina metro station (line A), Sit for 6 euros (terminal station – Termini station), Atral for 4 euros (terminal station – Termini station) The bus stop is located in front of the airport (international departure pavilion).
From Rome to Ciampino airport.
method 1 & # 8212; from Termini station by buses of companies Terravision, Sit, Atral.