How to find work in Vietnam for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians.

How to find work in Vietnam for Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians.
Work in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand is attractive primarily due to the exoticism of these countries. In 2018, the government still does not interfere with the employment of foreigners on the territory of the state.
How to find a job in Vietnam.
How to apply for a visa?
The embassy seldom denies applicants entry. For Russians and Belarusians there is no need to open a visa, coming for 15 days or less. For Ukrainians, as well as for a longer-term stay will need to issue documents.
Visa to Vietnam.
You can do it in two ways:
1. Get in advance by contacting the consulate. It will cost 100-120 dollars.
Lie about the purpose of travel is not worth it. The applicant will need:
international passport; 2 color photos; tickets for the plane (a return ticket is not required); invitation letter & # 8212; such a document is sent by the employer, if the exact place is not yet known, one can order a letter from special agencies, this will cost another 25-40 US monetary units, depending on the organization’s quotations; documents are issued quickly: not more than 7 days.
2. Check in upon arrival. This option is available only at international airports in Hanoi, Danang, Hashimin. When crossing the border by land, such an alternative is not available. Plan ahead as you get. Note that the consular fee in this case is not charged, although customs officers often pretend that they forgot about it. Such a method is cheaper, but it will nevertheless be necessary to present an invitation letter at the border. The whole process will take about an hour.
Getting permission.
If the migrant intends to work for up to 90 days, no special confirmation is required. In any case, the employer must submit information about the foreign employee to the Ministry of Labor. If the contract is for 3 months or longer, in most cases you will need paper that allows you to do this. It is valid for 3 years, then simply extend it with a copy of the passport and the contract.
Some professions do not require a hike to higher authorities.
List of professions that do not require a hike to higher authorities:
Employees who came at the invitation of the government. Due to the severe shortage of specialists in some sectors (chemistry, pharmaceutics, oil production), foreigners are encouraged here as such visiting professionals. One of the founders of LLC (limited liability company). An employee who is also a member of the board of directors of a joint-stock company.
The only strict requirement is the age of the applicant. The remaining features depend on the situation, so that earnings without knowledge of the language are also possible in certain circumstances.
Jobs in Vietnam for the Russians.
An interesting tourist attraction attracts lovers of warm sea, beach rest and surfing every year. Wide demand for guides, instructors for diving, animators, staff in hotels and hotels (maids, corridors). Always need bartenders, waiters, cooks.
Be sure to know English, Vietnamese will also not be superfluous, but not critical. This is a rather popular destination for tourists from Russia. Some travel agencies purposefully recruit Russian-speaking people. The most impressive salary in Nha Trang & # 8212; this is a popular city on the coast. Work in Mui Ne also involves work in the sphere of services and tourism, but they pay less there.
The state is developing rapidly and at the same time is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. The most demanded are engineers, chemists, technologists. The economy is not very developed, so that Westerners are not interested in working in Vietnam. That is why an impressive number of people from the post-Soviet space come here. The most Russian-speaking in Vung Tau is the center of the oil industry. In Nyachang, the production of cars is developed.
On the Internet there are sites where you can find a list of free posts and contacts of employers.
The highest payment is offered by international organizations: from $ 200 for managers to 600 and even 1000 for higher-ranking employees. However, Vietnamese branches will need knowledge of the national language, since the team consists not only of foreigners, but also of local residents.
Teachers of English receive an average of 5-10 dollars per hour, and the minimum income of service personnel in the tourism industry is 100-150 conventional units per month.
The main thing that attracts visitors here is & # 8212; it’s originality: local cuisine, original traditions, warm weather all year round. Work in Nha Trang for Russian & # 8212; this is primarily a way to relax from the cold winters and slush, relax on the beach, change the situation, while not spending money, but on the contrary, to ensure a pleasant pastime.
Thus, all employment opportunities in Vietnam can be conditionally divided into two groups: experts of the extra-class in the chemical, metallurgical, oil industry and labor without qualifications. For those who are engaged in production, there are open more prospects in terms of career growth and income, but the instructor or guide is a perfect combination of leisure and earnings.