How to get from Vienna to Salzburg?

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg?
Article on how to get from Vienna airport to Salzberg: distance, travel time, stops, cost.
Vienna – Selzburg. How to get cheap?
To get from Vienna to Salzburg you can by train, by plane or by taxi (transfer). Travel by air takes 50 minutes, the ticket price is 194 euros. The train from Vienna to Salzburg travels longer than the plane, 2 hours 22 minutes, and a trip on it, depending on the carrier, will pour out to the tourist at 25.5-100 euros. Travel by car is the most expensive – from 345 euros, and the given distance will be overcome in about 4.5 hours. If you do not know how much from Vienna to Salzburg, then the distance between cities is 296 km.
Traveling by train Vienna-Salzburg is very convenient, especially since they often go and depart directly from Vienna’s international airport Schwechat, bypassing Vienna’s Central Station. Book tickets are best beforehand, it is convenient to do it online, you can pay by credit card. There are no night flights, however, the trains run from early morning to almost midnight. The plane also flies exclusively during the day, tickets to the air connection are quickly disassembled, so it’s better to worry about early booking.
Salzburg: Mozart’s homeland!
Of course, first of all, Salzburg became famous thanks to the great composer, in honor of which various places, objects are named in the city, there are monuments and sculptures. At the same time, it is a city with incredible architecture, ancient streets and a unique atmosphere. The symbol of the city is the fortress of Hohensalburg on the Festungsberg hill. It is very interesting to look at the Castle of Goldegg, which houses the Academy of Arts and the Museum of Local History Pongau. Well, and the Mirabell Palace will forever be remembered for its every external decoration and magnificent garden.
Train from Vienna to Salzburg.
Between Schwechat airport and Salzburg there is a direct railway connection, so getting there from one point to another by train is an excellent solution. The carrier is Austrian Railways, whose trains have two levels of comfort. The price of the train ticket from Vienna to Salzburg is 1 st class, 110 euros, the second – 64 euros. The train runs from early morning to almost midnight (schedule below), the duration of the trip is 2 hours 22 minutes. Also to Salzburg, Westbahn’s train travels, but it departs from Vienna’s Western Railway Station, which you will have to reach from the airport on your own. The ticket for this train will cost 25.5 euros, on the way he will stay 2 hours 28 minutes.
Train Vienna – Salzburg:
Direct Railjet train.
Schwechat International Airport – Central Railway Station of Salzburg.
Travel time:
High: folding chairs, there is a place for luggage, coffee tables, air conditioning, vacuum toilets.
For the economical, for couples without children, without large baggage, knowing the route, for young tourists.
How to find the platform of a train:
The Railjet train departs from Terminal 3 Level 0 of Schwechat Airport.
Plane from Vienna to Salzburg.
The Austrian Airlines carrier operates daily direct flights from Vienna to Salzburg. Price issue – from 194 euros, travel time – 50 minutes. On the day there are three flights, all of them are day trips. Do not forget that you will have to reach the city before reaching Salzburg. Salzburg Airport is just 4 km from the city center, it can be reached by public transport or by taxi.
Plane from Vienna to Salzburg:
Direct flight from Austrian Airlines to Salzburg.
Several flights a day.
Vienna Airport “Schwechat” – Salzburg Airport named after V.A. Mozart.
Travel time:
1 h. 10 min (50 min – airplane, 20 min – transport from the airport to Salzburg)
4 hours and 45 minutes.
High: comfortable high chairs, clean spacious lounge, drinks, fresh press.
196.5 euros (194 euros – travel, 2.5 – public transport to Salzburg)
for wealthy tourists, families with children, businessmen.
How to get from WA Mozart airport to Salzburg:
From the airport you can go by bus to Postbus or by taxi, parking is just before the terminal exit.
By car from Vienna to Salzburg. Transfer.
If there is a need for a night trip, or departure from the airport immediately upon arrival, then Salzburg? Pap = 57adbb36f2232 “> a taxi or a transfer from Vienna to Salzburg is great .The price of such pleasure starts from 345 euros, the duration of the trip is about 3 hours 20 minutes. Depending on the number of people, you can choose a miniature car or, for example, a minibus.You can also vary the level of comfort in the cabin, respectively, the more amenities, the greater the amount the traveler will pay.
To the hotel in Salzburg or to the address.
Travel time:
and a taxi and a transfer service you can order, both to the airport and to a specific address in Vienna, at the right time.
Taxis: air conditioning, you go without stops, without other passengers.
The pre-ordered transfer: children’s chairs, cold water, a dispatcher who oversees the trip, if you wish – online payment, assistance with luggage and low-mobility passengers.
families with children, inexperienced tourists, for the first time in Austria, elderly travelers, plenty of luggage, night arrival.
How to find a taxi stand from Schwechat-Vienna airport to Salzburg:
Taxis are parked in front of each exit from the airport terminal buildings. You do not need to look for a car-transfer, the driver with a name plate will meet you at the exit from the arrival zone.
How to get from Vienna to Salzburg:
From Vienna to Salzburg you can get a budget, and you can spend more money and get to the destination much more comfortable. Choose transport, based on this criterion, and also keep in mind that each type of transport is on the road at different times. If the plane and train do not suit you, book a car, and travel as conveniently as possible!