How to get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket.

How to get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket.
Getting to Chiang Mai is quite easy from the major cities and resorts in Thailand: from Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket. Thanks to the developed transport network of Thailand, it is possible to get to the northern capital of the country by air and by land.
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How to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
From Bangkok to Chiang Mai can be reached in three ways: by train, bus or airplane.
From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by airplane.
All the low-costers (AirAsia, NokAir, Thai Lion Air, Thai Smile) fly to Chiang Mai from the Don Mueang airport. This is an important point, if you fly to the main airport of Bangkok Suvarnafumi and want to fly right away to Chiang Mai.
Thai Airways and Bangkok Air fly to Chiang Mai from Suvarnafumi.
Airtickets, cheap Flights Bangkok-Bangkok Chiang Mai:
AirAsia & # 8211; from 34 $ one way (without food and luggage)
Thai Lion Air (Malindo) & # 8211; from $ 47 one way (appetizer + luggage)
Bangkok Air & # 8211; from 64 $ one way (food + luggage)
Thai Airways & # 8211; from 80 $ one way (food + luggage)
Low cost airfare for cheap flights to Chiang Mai:
Taxi at the airport of Chiang Mai.
There are several taxis at Chiang Mai Airport. If you have a lot of suitcases, or you and the kids, feel free to choose the company & # 8220; Airport Taxi & # 8211; Limousine & # 8221; , stand at the very exit. They have a fixed price: to reach any hotel in the center (square, Nimman Road, Maya) costs 200 baht.
If you want to save money, you can call a Grab-taxi or Uber.
From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus.
The price of a ticket to a bus depends on the carrier company and the bus class. The more convenient the bus, the more expensive the ticket.
Cheapest ticket to Chiang Mai & # 8211; 400 baht ($ 16). There are two types of buses at $ 16: one on the road 11 hours, the other 9 hours 40 minutes. Be sure to specify the time on the road before buying.
You can buy tickets for a bus in fact at the bus station or on the Internet in advance. We buy tickets for buses online, on the website The ticket purchased comes to the post office, it needs to be shown at the bus station at the ticket office, so that the cashier gives out a ticket that is familiar to Thai people.
The best buses from the Sombat Tour, tickets for them are worth buying in a week or two. This is how the bus looks like in Chiang Mai:
Buses from the Sombat tour come to Bus Terminal 3 in Chiang Mai, and not to the Arcade bus station, like the others. From both bus stations it is possible to leave on ������� or on the Grab-taxi.
Important! The Thai bus is very cold due to air conditioners that can not be turned off. Be sure to bring something warm.
There are several points from which buses depart to Chiang Mai:
Bus station Mochit (Chatuchak) on the map & # 8211; the nearest station is MRT Chatuchak Park or BTS Mochit. From the subway you need to walk through the park of Queen Sirikit.
Office Sombat Tour on the map & # 8211; The nearest metro station is MRT Phahon Yotin.
From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train.
The most exotic way to get to Chiang Mai & # 8211; this train. At the railway / train station Hua Lompong, from which trains depart, you can get to the metro (blue branch), MRT station Hua Lampong.
The price of train tickets depends on the class of the car. Cheapest & # 8211; Daytime reserved seat with a fan & # 8211; costs from $ 24, the most expensive & # 8211; Bedroom 2-th class with air conditioning & # 8211; costs 40 $. There are separate women’s wagons.
The fastest train on the road is 11 hours. There are night and day trains. Daytime trains usually with seats.
To see the schedule and specify the cost of tickets, and at the same time buy them, you can go to website >
Train station Hua Lampong on the map:
From the railway station in Chiang Mai to the city center you can get to the Red Song-Theo or call the Grab-taxi.
How to get from Phuket to Chiang Mai.
It’s easier and cheaper to get to Chiang Mai from Phuket by plane. Airasia air tickets cost from $ 40 one way, from BangkokAir from $ 70. The flight lasts almost two hours.
Get from Phuket to Chiang Mai by bus for a very long time: first get to Bangkok, then from there to Chiang Mai. The road will take more than a day, and it is unlikely to save: the Phuket-Bangkok bus $ 19 + Bangkok-Chiang Mai bus: $ 16 + from one station to another. This option is suitable for very budget travelers.
How to get to Chiang Mai from Pattaya.
It’s easier and cheaper to get to Chiang Mai from Pattaya by air. Airasia air tickets cost from $ 25 one way, NokAir costs a little more. The flight lasts only an hour, and you are already in Chiang Mai.
Getting from Pattaya to Chiang Mai by bus is very long & # 8211; more than 12 hours, and it is unlikely that you will save more than $ 5 on a bus ticket.
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