How to go to Europe as a volunteer and legally stay there to live?

How to go to Europe as a volunteer and legally stay there to live?
As stated above, to come to Europe as a volunteer and it is LEGALLY to stay there will not work. At least because you will not have legal grounds and legal permission to stay on the territory of the country, as foreign volunteers come to European countries often on tourist visas that have their own time limit and limit on the number of days during which you can stay in the country (or in the Schengen area). But there are several opportunities and ways, in addition to volunteering, which will help to legally emigrate. However, I want to immediately warn that all of them will require perseverance, the availability of education, knowledge of the language and certain skills, as well as time costs.
Speaking of volunteering, it is better to make some efforts and become a volunteer for EVS – this service offers a lot of programs across Europe in different spheres and for up to 12 months (how to become an EVS volunteer, you can read here). Agree, a year spent in a European country will help you learn or significantly improve the language (and even not one – the English and state language of the country), get acquainted with the culture of the country in which you are going to live, get new knowledge, skills, experience, to recommend, etc. During this time you can find an employer who will be ready to offer a working contract and on this basis to make you a residence and work permit. You can also go to a university (for example, in France you can do without exams, and French education is free even for foreigners) or in a language school. The main thing is that if you are admitted to an educational institution or to a job, you will be able to change the usual visa for working or student (or residence permit – depends on the country).
By the way, education is one of the most popular and simple ways of emigration. You can read about all the nuances of education abroad here.
Move to Europe will help professional training in large European companies or international organizations, for example, the UN. This seems unrealistic, but in fact organizations such as the UN, UNESCO or the European Commission have many opportunities for trainees, students or young professionals. To see what is offered, click here:
A lot of internship positions offer the largest museums and galleries in Europe and the United States. Very often a candidate does not even need to have a specialized education in the field of art – one can be trained in marketing and PR, administrative work and other areas.
What will the internship give? First of all, work experience abroad, the opportunity to prove yourself as a good staff worker and a chance to get an invitation to work.
And finally, the popular Au Pair program. You live in the country for about a year, work as a nanny and learn the language. After – enter the local university. Such a scheme is very popular in Germany, for example, where training at a state university is free for foreign students. More information about the Au pair program can be found here.
It remains unrealistic to remain a volunteer. You can start with a volunteer, you need to make an impressive resource and start with the main portal for volunteering in Europe EVS, where you can find a suitable program for a variety of main topics: charity, creativity, help for children, refugees, immigrants. Programs are like three weeks, and nine months, you need to watch each separately, then apply (and not in any way to declare your intention to stay). Tell us why you want to help refugees, that you want to get acquainted with the culture of the country, learn the language, make friends. Potential drivers of tractors from Russia are recognized immediately and do not respond to your emails. You can also go as au pair, it does not matter whether you are a boy or a girl. Learn the language, enter the university, get a diploma. If there is a diploma, in your free time send a resume. If you are overtaken by cupid – try your luck with a partner or marriage visa.
Do not mince me, please, but there are two legal ways (which have not been mentioned here): to marry / get married; ask for political asylum.
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