How to obtain Russian citizenship of an Indian citizen.

How to obtain Russian citizenship of an Indian citizen.
How to obtain Russian citizenship through marriage.
Paper requires a notarization. If there is an agreement between the states authorizing two citizenships, this document can be excluded from the list.
Four photographs. Certificates of proficiency in Russian and knowledge of the history and culture of the country.
They will not be required for those whose second language is Russian, for example for a number of powers from the post-Soviet space. Also from the mandatory list they can exclude women who have reached the age of 60 and 65-year-old men, that is, pensioners. Paper confirming the availability of money for living.
Visa to Russia for Indian citizens.
The maximum validity of a tourist visa for Indian citizens is 30 days. Tourist invitation (tourist voucher) – a contract for the provision of tourist services between an Indian and a Russian travel company.
Such an invitation is issued by the tourist company, which is included in the Unified Register of Tour Operators and has an individual reference number. It consists of a tourist invitation from a tourist voucher and confirmation of the admission of a tourist.
Is it possible to obtain dual Russian-Indian citizenship?
on dual citizenship – Dual citizenship between India and Russia unfortunately does not exist. You can be a citizen of only one state estate. In order to become an Indian citizen, it is necessary to renounce Russian citizenship.
Article 19 of the federal law No. 62 “On the citizenship of the Russian Federation” provides for the withdrawal from the citizenship of the Russian Federation on the basis of voluntary expression of will.
To refuse from citizenship, it is not necessary to return from India to Russia, the procedure may be conducted by the staff of the Russian Mission in the Republic. It is there that you will file an application for the termination of citizenship, compulsorily drawn up in Russian, a document proving your identity, documents proving your residence, a receipt for payment of state duty and three photos measuring 3×4 cm.
by date – Apply for a long-term tourist visa to India. The maximum term of such a visa is from 3 to 6 months.
Live in India, constantly renewing or opening a new long-term tourist visa, 4 years from the last 7 years. It is such a term that establishes the law on the citizenship of India of obtaining citizenship by way of naturalization. The law also requires that before filing an application for the status of an Indian citizen, the applicant last 12 months stayed in the republic, without leaving her limits.
Registration of a visa to Russia in India.
Travelmart company provides services for assistance in obtaining visas to Russia for Indian citizens.
To register a business or working visa to Russia for Indian citizens, a Russian company must be accredited with the Federal Migration Service and issue an invitation to a foreign citizen on the FMS letterhead. An invitation from a Russian company is an obligatory document for obtaining a visa for Indian citizens. The invitation is issued on the letterhead of the FMS and must be sent to the guest in the original.
If you can not pick up an invitation from our office and send it yourself, we can send the invitation yourself by courier service at your expense. For official employment in the territory of the Russian Federation, an Indian citizen, in addition to a working invitation, will also need a work permit.
You can find out the terms of registration and the cost of invitations for Indian citizens on the page “Prices and Timing”.
Visas to Russia for Indian citizens can be obtained at one of the Russian consulates in the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. If the visa is not supposed to be received in the country of citizenship, we will need an additional document confirming the legality of the permanent residence of a foreign citizen in the territory of the country receiving the visa. Such a document may be a work permit, or a work visa, or a residence permit.
The place of visa will be indicated on the invitation form. A complete list of documents required for obtaining a visa, the term for issuing a visa, as well as the size of the consular fee can be found on the website of the consulate.
After coming to Russia, foreign citizens are obliged to register for migration at the place of stay within seven working days.
If you live at a private address, you can register at the nearest post office.