Immigration to Australia, how ?? Really?

Immigration to Australia, how ?? Really?
How to immigrate to the US?
Hello, sorry for interfering, but could not tell me, we are now actively looking for a way to get there)))
Hello, also dealing with this issue) how are your successes? For what kind of visa do you eat?
Anastasia, good afternoon, and I with the same request to share information 🙂 if you can not complicate it at [email protected]
Oh, thank you, that is, you have almost everything ready? But I think my English is not enough just to get a visa, it will be necessary to work on this, and this is how I understand the most basic thing in this matter.
Want to help prepare?
thanks, so far, just thinking about everything and looking for variants.Budu have in mind!
Australia is now closing for emigrants, but New Zealand’s neighbor is not yet available))))
There you can go on a training visa and there you can arrange for a part-time work visa)))) and how to arrange a working visa) and as a working visa you can make it possible to file documents for permanent residence))) 5 years you live without a break and you become lodged Great Britain)))
But all the same to start a million is needed (
oh thanks, for the detailed answer. That cleared up)) now it is necessary to think about a million))))
you mishand on the sites of New Zealand on the subject of study and housing. I know, but you must have an idea! I thought with the calculation that the whole family is flying.
dd! could you share the info on Australia-New Zealand? We have just the whole family, 4 people ..
I’ll open a little secret) We are draining out of the country)
ON the above described scheme. Her husband is going to study allegedly English and so on.
At our expense, the magician to say that her husband is now 800t.r. but on arrival he can send me back painless 300t.r.
you ask questions I’ll try to answer as much as I know!
We are now at the stage of issuing a student visa for the husband and from April 8 he must already study in OKLAND)
and how he can call you with a child? To work on such a visa, he, too, can not? and then how to stay?
I’m sorry that I threw questions, it just seemed to me that the student’s is expensive and not very promising in terms of permanent residence.
Have you looked at video from the company zelandovka? there all the kids left through a study visa. New Zealand is one of the few countries where it is allowed to work with a training visa) and how to work so it is possible to make a working visa))) and as a working visa will be given as a wife also a working visa for 3 years. well, for 2 years you can apply for citizenship))))
in Australia, you can also work 20 hours a week and the family is all traveling with you a trailer.
What program do you want to go there for? Working immigration?
We want a 190 visa. Do you also deal with this issue?)
Well, still (((yes even so long to have hope .. Maybe try again, for example on another visa or now to Australia? There, faster than in Canada are the processes.You can also score more balls, more experience has become and angl is probably ideal hand over.
We have relatives only in England, but there, despite this, it is more difficult to get there. Well maybe her husband will once again visit the inspiration to repeat the path! Or soon the children will grow up and go there to study, and then you to them;)
If I honestly do not know the program at all, I would like to know if the worker is more likely to do it, apparently there will be no more opportunities.
You can go to school, but it will depend on your wallet. At what level do you have English? without language on working immigration there not to get. You are working at the moment, because for filing you need to work for a mastered profession at the institute for at least 18 months (if nothing has changed)?