Immigration to Israel by a doctor

Immigration to Israel by a doctor
author’s translation from the Polish original [1]
It’s not for the sake of journalistic success and popularity that I am writing this essay. Fame is the joy of those who adhere strictly to the rule: one topic is one article. Most ordinary ordinary people, whom the authorities would like to take away from ambiguous, complex ideas, are programmed as follows. So, this reading is exclusively for individuals whose head is able to think.
Among other elements of this crisis (disaster):
(b) The right to kill cyclists and pedestrians provided to Canadian drivers.
c) Unjustifiably a huge number of video cameras (everywhere), their “Gestapo” forms of application, with the accumulation of dossiers for every resident of the country, and police tyranny in airports, metro, other public transport, etc.
RCMP is not the usual police, but the gendarmerie of the British Queen, established for Canada, [2] whose function is to fight “anti-state” activities, and, among other things, political and ideological opposition to British colonial rule. I do not want to offend the feelings of ordinary RCMP officers who believe in their work, or rather, in their work. But in recent years, the reputation of this gendarme body in Canada and the world has gone from bad to terrible. It is viewed as an instrument of British imperialism for the suppression of human rights in Canada.
Administratively Canada is subject to the British Empire, having the status of its dominion [4].
The British Queen is the head of state (Canada). RCMP is her (British royal) police for Canada. The atrocities of RCMP reflect the attitude of official London towards ordinary people (especially immigrants, and especially outside the UK itself), who are considered slaves deprived of all rights, and above all, the right to life.
Hate to the Poles.
Hatred, or perhaps hostility to people of Eastern European origin, prevalent in Canadian political circles, is so well known that it does not require special commentary [5]. There is no secret that, according to the dominant doctrine of the British Isles (so-called Atlanticism), the white “ruling race” from Albion stands above the “continental race” of Western Europe, while the white population of Germany and Eastern Europe, allegedly “more degenerate”. These views (in which they are openly for nothing recognized) in recent years have also spread to RCMP. According to the police protocol, one of the crimes incriminated by the late Dzekanski was that he was shouting something in one of the wild Eastern European languages, in Russian or in Polish.
In an interview with CTV (Good Morning, Canada, 09-12-2007), the ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, spoke of the dehumanization of Canada under Harper, or even before him (but then it is learned that Jean Chretien incriminates himself yourself.).
Robert Dzekanski, a 40-year-old construction worker from Poland (Gliwic-Pieszyce), went to Canada to reunite with his mother, Zofia Tsisofskaya, who has lived for a long time near Vancouver. When Robert, her son, arrived at the Vancouver International Airport (14/11/2007), she was already waiting for him there.
In my huge work “The Gulag of Palestine” [9], I wrote about the bullying that new immigrants and their children experienced in the early 1990s at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. All that the Israeli authorities were doing at the time with the “goyim” (non-Jews) and with the Palestinians, was impossible in civilized countries. However, completely manipulating the government of the United States, and later – Canada, Jewish circles managed to impose their immoral standards [10]. Everything – the atmosphere itself, the attitude to social values, ideology, the dictatorship of the police state, authoritarian style – was imported from Israel. Israeli spy structures have established their branches on Canadian soil, having such operational freedom as they enjoy exclusively in Israel itself [11]. In my book “Israeli Global Terrorism” [12], I tore off the mask of the methods and means that the global Jewish mafia uses to impose anti-humanitarian standards.
Lev Gunin. December 15, 2007. Montreal.
p.s. Official chronology:
1:21 – Vancouver International Airport calls RCMP, saying that a 50-year-old man is throwing suitcases and seems to be drunk.
It is suspicious that RCMP was asked to intervene before the local guards study the situation. This is evident not only according to the law of simple logic and some, my personal experience, but also according to the opinion of my consultants and advisers. It is even more suspicious that the RCMP outfit actually appeared simultaneously with the employees of the local security service. And, again, this is just an alarm: that they all surrounded the victim only half a minute after the passenger “threw a chair through the window” (I repeat: if someone threw a suitcase, this is not the reason for RCMP intervention).
1:30 – The man was shot from the stunner, he is unconscious, but breathing.
1:31 – The guards helped the police from RCMP to handcuff the man, who is now called the “suspect”.
——- Montreal, December, 2007.
As I see it now, that amateur video film, which was available in a ju-tuba, is absolutely necessary for the reconstruction of genuine events. As I showed in the article “Who controls the Internet?”, I’m not allowed to enter the office, and not only from a home computer. If any of the readers have this film, I beg you to send it to me.
I repeat: I read not one, not two, but a lot of opinions that saw the video. And he not only read, but also compared them among themselves. Therefore, my brief summary is based on those observations that coincide everywhere, and therefore, as one might assume, are objective.
Absence of any morality.
Electroshock arresters-paralyzers (“Teizer”) in their function should serve as a protection of the life of policemen and ordinary citizens from aggressive and armed criminals. In fact, the police in Canada and the United States use this monstrous weapon as an instant torture in order to force them to carry out their orders.
And again ISRAEL.
Poles do not like Israeli guards.
Now it is clear how close I was to the truth, even without knowing all these additional facts, when I wrote that Dzekanski fell victim to pro-Zionist, pro-Israel tendencies, orders and methods. For nothing, everything shows that the world Jewish empire is responsible for this bloody crime.
Versions in other languages (author’s translations and the original):
[1] Despite the fact that Polish is one of my 3 native languages (Polish, German and Russian), followed by Belarusian and English, I never went to a Polish school, and did not study in Polish. The fact that the Polish language, which conveys my thoughts with the greatest adequacy, has never become the language of my literary and journalistic creativity: this is my personal tragedy. But the fact that the Russian language has gradually become an increasingly perfect tool for my self-expression, without teachers and educational institutions: this is my personal achievement, which should be proud. This essay – one of the few written in the original in Polish. He is separated from the previous Polish-language essay for about 12 years. Please judge this essay, and express their counterarguments only on the Russian version.
[3] The “Vancouvcer Sun” and CBC sources are simply well informed, while other sources that dig deeper are now removed from the Internet and everything that has any connection to the Pickton case is subject to thorough filtering from the side of the Canadian censorship. The fact is that for a number of years the police have rejected the demands of relatives of murdered women to start a criminal investigation. Even when everything pointed to Picton, the police still dismissed all suspicions, both direct and indirect. In a documentary (which is now hard to get) made for the CBC, this is shown clearly, emphasizing that for Vancouver rulers and police, women from poor families are nothing, an empty place, and their lives: nothing, an empty space. Meanwhile, the murders became routine, and the police still ignored them. I read an essay from a journalist from Vancouver, about suspicions that not all women were killed by Robert Picton, but that the police organized a “recreational club” on his farm: the hunt for women. “Hunters” in police uniforms killed prostitutes, furnishing these murders with the entourage of a terrible “game.” I will not say whether I believe in these insinuations, but, on the one hand, this journalist is no more, and, secondly, many people still believe in such a version of events, and this is a clear signal about the reputation of the police (RSMW) in Canada.
Canada – a British Dominion:
Jewish zionist humiliation over Lubomir Prytulak’s web site –
inhuman conditions and treatment in USA and Canadian medical institutions:
If you hear that in the First Aid Canadian hospitals have to wait 5 to 12 hours while you are examined by a doctor, but before you are transferred (after temporary accommodation in the corridors, cafeterias, car parks, waiting rooms with people sitting in them , or asphalt paths outside the hospital (at least in the Montreal Central Hospital they keep people with a heart attack, a hip fracture, etc. in such inhuman conditions) to the department, it will not take more than a day, it’s not a lie, however, in hospitals where all the t faster, you will not get any adequate and qualified medical help.In hospitals that actually help, the waiting time is 4-6 times longer.Your meetings with your local (family) doctor or specialist should be wait from 6 months to a year, and if You will be persuaded that this is not true, do not believe them.This situation is not a product of “free socialist medicine,” but the result of corruption, hidden privatization, and the illegal use of public hospitals by the private medical sector.
police and cameras terror:
North America: Israeli Occupation and Anti-Christian Trend:
Crime of the Canadian Immigration:
[15] Rachel Korye, a Christian activist, brutally murdered by anti-Christian Israelis: