Immigration to New Zealand.

Immigration to New Zealand.
If you read these lines, it means that you are interested in obtaining reliable information and competent advice on immigration to New Zealand. We are sure that in immigration to New Zealand there is nothing mysterious or magical and born under a happy star & ndash; absolutely an optional condition. Main & ndash; this is a competent statement of the goal and the choice of adequate means to achieve it.
The easiest and right way to move to New Zealand is to open a student visa and get a local education. You need to start with language education, because without 6.5 IELTS immigration to New Zealand for you will still be unavailable! It is better to teach a language in the country, because you immerse yourself in the language environment, find useful local acquaintances, study the way of life and the way of life of the local population from within. We will help you choose a language school in New Zealand and consult on all matters related to your education and residence in the country. A detailed description of all noteworthy language New Zealand schools with current pricelists is contained here.
A great help for a student who wants to stay on permanent residence in New Zealand is the right to work. You can get this right to a Russian in three ways:
1) Go to study in a language school for at least 6 months and provide an IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 5.0 when submitting documents to the New Zealand Embassy in Moscow;
2) Go to study in a language school for at least 6 months and choose a school in Christchurch;
3) To complete a full course of study in a private or higher education institution for at least 2 academic years OR a full course of study in New Zealand, which ends with a New Zealand qualification, for which points are awarded in the Skilled Migrant Category;
After receiving a student visa with the right to work in New Zealand, you can work 20 hours a week, as well as on vacation. Most language schools have their own recruitment agencies, which help students find temporary jobs. In addition, the presence of this visa increases your chances of getting Joboffer – a full-fledged job offer, which in turn is a prerequisite for obtaining a work visa & ndash; the next stage on the way to the coveted New Zealand citizenship.
It should be noted that getting Joboffer while in Russia is very difficult. Employers rarely invite people to work with whom they can not talk personally. In addition, your knowledge and experience should be really valuable, because the employer will have to prove to the Immigration Service of New Zealand that he could not find the specialist he needed inside the country. In New Zealand, there is a list of popular professions, which changes 1-2 times a year, which, of course, makes immigration difficult.
You can get a work visa without leaving the country. Next step & ndash; receipt of the residence of New Zealand. You can apply for a resident visa after 9-11 months of permanent residence in New Zealand. And in 3 years you will be able to become a full-fledged citizen of one of the most civilized and beautiful countries in the world.
Traveling to New Zealand for more than six months, you will need to pass a paid medical examination and fluorography, and also provide a certificate from the police on the absence of criminal records.
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