Immigration to Norway.

Immigration to Norway.
Immigration to Norway: description.
Immigration to Norway on a par with immigration to Sweden is one of the best options for obtaining European citizenship for the present day. And this despite the fact that in recent years the procedure for obtaining refugee status in Norway has become somewhat more complicated due to a sharp increase in the number of applications filed. Most unprepared applicants are screened out on an expedited procedure within 48 hours.
Letting and requesting asylum in Norway.
In general, the surrender and passage of the procedure is akin to Swedish. As in Sweden, the surrender to the authorities and the request for asylum takes place at the police stations or at the Immigration Directorate at: Oslo, Hausmannsgate, 21. If your case was not considered to be unreasonable and not expedited through an expedited simplified procedure (within 48 hours) then it means that it is accepted for detailed consideration and a big interview awaits you. As in Sweden, this is likely to be preceded by a transfer to one of the regions of Norway.
Convention grounds for requesting asylum in Norway.
As in other European countries, the asylum request in Norway suggests that the petitioner is persecuted in his home country and can not, for a number of reasons, be protected by the state of which he is a citizen. Convention persecution is for reasons of race, religion and nationality. Also, satisfactory grounds are membership in a special social group and political views of the applicant. Persecution directed against women, as well as persecution because of sexual orientation, may also be grounds for requesting asylum.
Map of Norway.
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If you are denied political asylum.
If you are denied political asylum in Norway, then this does not mean a complete refusal. Apart from the possibility of appealing against the UDI decision and continuing to fight for the status of political refugee, you also have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for security reasons or for reasons of humanity. So, in the first case, a residence permit can be granted if returning to your home country can not be safe for you. For example, in the case of a general turmoil in your country or when you may be subjected to torture or other forms of bullying. In the second case, you may be granted permission to stay out of considerations of humanity, “when there is strong general human sympathy.” Those. if there is a serious illness or a difficult situation for young children.
If you are denied political asylum, then the possibility of granting a residence permit for the above reasons is considered automatically.
In case of competent organization of the process of filing and considering applications for asylum in Norway, it is a 100% chance of obtaining permanent residence in Norway and Norwegian citizenship afterwards.