In Australia, from July 1, 2017, all visas will go up.

In Australia, from July 1, 2017, all visas will go up.
For the first time, visa fees will be indexed annually according to inflation.
Treasurer Scott Morrison, in his report on the budget, said that the cost of all Australian visas will be indexed in line with inflation, which will give the Australian Treasury about 410 million dollars over the next four years.
This means that from July 1, 2017, the fee for all visas will grow according to the forecasted consumer price index.
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Visa fees will be indexed annually and rounded to $ 5.
Indexing applies only to the first part of the fee from the application fee for primary and secondary candidates. For the second part of the visa fee, indexation is not applied.
The cost of a student visa for the main applicant will be increased by $ 10 to $ 560 instead of $ 550.
Working visas and regional sponsor visas will rise in price by $ 70 to $ 3,670 from $ 3,600.
The cost of the Partner’s visa will also increase from $ 6,865 to $ 7,000.
The government announced a new temporary sponsorship visa for Australian migrant parents will be available from November 2017, a 3-year visa will cost 5,000 dollars and a 5-year visa will cost 10,000 dollars.
Morrison also announced an annual foreign worker fee of $ 1,200 or $ 1,800 per year for one temporary worker for temporary work visas.
Employers who sponsor visas for permanent skilled workers will face a one-time fee of $ 3,000 or $ 5,000.
Small businesses with a turnover of less than $ 10 million will have to pay an annual fee of $ 1,200 for sponsoring a temporary visa for a foreign employee and a one-time fee of $ 3,000 for a permanent skilled worker’s visa.
For medium and large enterprises (with turnover exceeding 10 million), the fee will be $ 1,800 per year for a temporary visa and $ 5,000 for a permanent one.
Over the next four years, this collection is planned to receive $ 1,200,000,000. These funds will be sent to a special state fund that supports the educational and qualification training of Australians throughout the country.
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