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Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Visa D to Bulgaria.
I will try to draw a clearer picture for the Israelis.
So. For Israel, there is a facilitated visa regime for European countries. What does it mean?
90 days within 180 days you can stay on the territory of any European country. A longer stay already requires the registration of relations with the country.
This requires a residence permit. We will limit ourselves to the Bulgarian requirements for obtaining this status.
First of all, you need to issue a visa D, in Israel. It requires several grounds for it. I will focus only on one of them, a secured pensioner. Any person receiving a pension from Bituy Leumi (no matter on what grounds) is considered a pensioner.
The following documents must be submitted to the consulate.
1. Reference from Bituy Leumi on the calculation of pension (translation with apostille)
2. Statement of cash in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
3. The contract for the rental of housing in Bulgaria (or notarial deed of ownership of property)
4. International medical insurance for the period of visa (1 year)
New documents (from February 2011)
5. Help from the police (Teudat yosher)
6. Printing from the bank retroactively for the year (in English or Bulgarian)
Here’s something like this. If you have any questions, please, we have already passed part of this path and will be able to help you with advice!
Thank you for your blog.
We, too, are Russian Israelis and we are going to retire to Bulgaria. True, we are not Israeli pensioners, but only Russian ones. There are many questions. I would like to get in touch with you. I did not find such an opportunity here. If it is possible, send me a link to the email so that I can respond to you.
I’m not a pensioner yet. But I bought an apartment in Bulgaria.
It is not clear what teudat yosher is? Is it to take it in the police or in a misad-a-pnim?
And there are questions. Where and with whom to seriously talk on this topic, get advice?
My email [email protected] Ask questions that I know will tell.
Yana help with a lawyer to get a visa D to Bulgaria.
write to me on the mail, I’ll give you a phone and I can answer all the questions.