[Jur.questions] Czech Republic! The process of obtaining residence permit.

[Jur.questions] Czech Republic! The process of obtaining residence permit.
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1) You have got a job in a company and this company has prepared all the documents you need for a visa for you. But this method is now the most difficult and risky, since in a crisis it is necessary to employ Czechs in the first place, therefore, you probably will not receive a visa.
So, first of all answer one question: are you ready to invest in the Czech economy all or the lion’s share of your savings to open a business. If, the answer is yes, then it is worthwhile to understand what you will do for a living, and what kind of business it will be, and whether it is worth working at all on the Czech market or, for example, outsourcing to the Russian market. Everyone should answer these questions to himself and then no one can advise anything good. Think about what is closer to you, what is interesting to do, whether you have the necessary means to start such an activity and on this basis act! Write a business plan in the end!
– The first thing you have to determine for yourself, is who for you will engage in the opening of the company. As I wrote above, there are a lot of companies that deal with similar issues. Such firms all moving are called “Openers”, since it will open the company to you and prepare the documents for the visa. Ideally, of course it is better that you in this matter helped friends or friends, but I had no such opportunity.
The cost of opening a company for “opener” varies from 1200 – to 2500 euros. At what quality of services can be not directly proportional, and even on the contrary. Here the choice is purely individual, on the advice or intuition.
Also, you must enter information about the activities of your future firm in the statute, there are free activities, such as design, information technology, and there are not free activities for which you will have to prove that you have the right to do this, for example, medical activities.
300 000 rubles), this service is open for the openers and is more often included in the cost of setting up the company as an additional option (200 euros). You can put half of the amount for 100 euros into the account and within another five years to pay another 100,000 kroons. After the registration of the company, “otterova” withdraws this money from the account.
Now we are waiting for the decision of the commercial court to register your company, this process takes an average of a month.
Once the documents are ready and your company is registered, you must register for the queue in the nearest Czech consulate. In Russia, the Czech consulate is in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Moreover, the recording on the queue is a separate and very important story, because when you call the consulate a whole problem, it is constantly occupied, some openers on some channels I do not know write to Moscow for 200-250 euros themselves. Russian citizens can be served not only in Russia, but also abroad. In Russian, the consuls speak in the Baltic States, for example. In English, almost everywhere in Europe. The queue there is less, for example, but it will take extra money and time for two trips there.
So, the documents are ready, the hour has come! You are at the consulate!
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I am both the director and the founder of the firm. It is not clear on the site written. Czech yet I know bad, only the beginner level ..
Maybe someone will look Czech.
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Thanks for the info. Very afraid of the interview in the village.
Tak ved zdes ze po russki napisano.
Everything should be written down!
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and I will suggest which type to apply for. H.
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