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The fortress of Akershyus, it was founded by King Haakon V Magnusson in the 1290s. This was the first time in the history of Norwegian architecture, when the castle was built of brick and stone. Read more & rarr;
ya_dmitriy | autumn of 2016.
The path to the treasured stone back and forth takes about 5 hours! In some places, at the beginning of the journey you need to climb almost over a steep rock, holding on to chains. Read more & rarr;
cynic_maniac | March 2016.
Our rapid raid on the North Pole passed along the standard route: Spitsbergen – Barneo – North Pole and back in the same way. Read more & rarr;
olly_ru | Spring 2016.
The Norwegian and Finnish towns of the same name have historically been a single settlement, now divided by the Norwegian-Finnish border. Read more & rarr;
elmaspb | Spring 2016.
And here is Goroshina, a view from below. She really looked no less than a pea. I had to strain my eyes to see if anyone was on it. Read more & rarr;
gtarasov | August 2015.
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10 facts about the time zones of our planet, mr_pequod 09/22/15 Fishka of Norway. In all kinds, anatoly_gendin 18.09.15 Top 50 foreign ski resorts for the cost of leisure, 06.11.14 New Year tours 2015 to Europe, Ekaterina Romanova-Panina 16.09.14 Western Norway, Grotley. The history of one friendship, artemspec 19.02.14 The midnight sun – round the clock! 24.05.13 & quot; Fram & quot; , appassionata_lr 14.05.13 Norway, which must be seen! 06/09/12 Burnt by the sun Thursday, 31 August 2011 Northern pastoral, Svetlana Funtusova 09.06.10 Maritime acquaintance with the Kingdom, Svetlana Funtusova 28.05.10 Summer adventures in the Northern Kingdom, Svetlana Funtusova 19.05.10 Ski resorts of Norway 23.10.09 Hafiel’s perfect world 20.10.09 Winter Pastoral of the North, Svetlana Funtusova 10/20/09 The hospitable North, Svetlana Funtusova 10/20/09 Fishing in Norway, the Norwegian Tourism Office 08/07/09 In Norway this summer 08.06.09 A fascinating journey to the fantastic country of the fjords 08.06.09 A hike through the fjords, Andrey Boyko 01.05.08.
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