Student visa to Australia.

Student visa to Australia. Cost of registration: from 5000 rubles. Visa fee: 17 750 rubles. Processing time: up to 40 days. Since November 5, 2011, new rules for applying for all types of student visas READ MORE

Documents – Work permit: Norway.

Documents – Work permit: Norway. Now it will not work just to stay in Norway and it’s easy to find work there. If you want to live there, you need to get a residence permit (residence permit). Issue it READ READ MORE

The Russian village must replace the Maldives.

The Russian village must replace the Maldives. Normal Russian people should not forget about their land. There was such a song: “And I’ll go to the village to my grandfather, in the village to my grandfather READ MORE


MirTesen. Can I polish the innermost mirror and leave spots on it? � Lao Jie. How the people live now in happy Mongolia. As part of the Vanishing Cultures Project, photographer Taylor Weidman drew attention READ MORE


Workers. Working visas to Australia. Working visas to Australia are visas that allow their holders to live, work and study in Australia (temporarily or permanently), and, unlike professional immigrant READ MORE