By train from Prague.

By train from Prague. Generally, the “students” have a wide network of routes, to Germany too, to Hamburg you can reach them, for example. Do you really need anything at all? or without a difference? Here READ MORE

Immigration to the Netherlands student

Immigration to the Netherlands student For the search for scholarships and grants in the Dutch universities there is a very convenient service – the search engine Grantfinder scholarships. In the search READ MORE

Immigration to Germany for programmers

Immigration to Germany for programmers Although I have something to show from my developments for companies such as Cisco systems, Hewlett-Packard and many others. And still such there can be a problem READ MORE

IELTS exam.

IELTS exam. Advice on the delivery of IELTS. Over the past couple of years, the influence of IELTS on the fate of people has grown beyond measure. Not so long ago, only those who immigrated to New Zealand READ MORE

Greece job to leave

Greece job to leave In any country you will be welcome as a tourist. But if you come here in search of work, the attitude towards you will be completely different. Because, as a tourist, you bring your READ MORE


WORK AND VACANCY IN LONDON. Numerous surveys of labor migrants from different countries and studies of authoritative agencies show that work in London in 2018, despite serious political changes in the READ MORE

How to move to Edinburgh

How to move to Edinburgh Questions to local residents and discussion of life in the city. Where to find a job in Edinburgh. Share links to sites \ resources where people can look for work. IT companies. Add READ MORE

Better Legal Representation.

Better Legal Representation. Svetlana L. Kaff, a Russian Speaking Immigraiton Attorney, a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, highly experienced in the area of Immigration and Nationality READ MORE