Residence permit in Canada.

Residence permit in Canada.
Visas, residence permit, citizenship in Canada.
(about $ 1.7 million) in venture funds investing in Canadian innovative start-ups.
Investments are placed for 15 years. The personal capital of a participant in the program must be at least $ 10 million Canadian dollars. Investors are required to prove their experience in investment or entrepreneurial activities, as well as demonstrate knowledge of English or French and the availability of higher education.
Meeting these requirements, according to the government, will guarantee a significant contribution of the investor to the Canadian economy, as well as the willingness of the foreigner to integrate into the Canadian society.
Obtaining a residence permit in Canada.
Since there are very many applications for the issuance of residence permits, Canada has developed a system that allows candidates to be selected. The chances of obtaining a resolution based on a 100 point scale are calculated. The questionnaires with the result from 70 are approved.
The various characteristics of the applicant’s personality are taken into account: the year of birth, the level of education, the degree of proficiency in languages (English, French). If the results scored less than 70, but more than 59 points, then the final decision is taken at the consulate.
Visa regime and residence permit in Canada.
To enter and leave Canada in this case is necessary on commercial transport (bus, plane,
etc.). Depending on the route indicated by the applicant, such a visa can be issued for one or two entries to Canada. filled in English or French and personally signed by the applicant’s application form, the “Family Information” form and the questionnaire “Additional information to the Temporary Resident Visa Application” (or “Additional information to the Temporary Resident Visa Application for short-term English / French courses” # 8212; for short-term planning students in Canada); two photographs of the established sample with the full name and date of birth of the applicant on the back side; The fee for processing the application (in case of refusal is not returned); a passport whose validity expires no earlier than the end of the planned trip, or a copy of the passport page containing personal data.
Residence permit in Canada.
Next, you need to prepare the necessary package of documents, pay consular fees, successfully complete the interview with the immigration officer of Canada, comply with all instructions and requirements of the immigration process and then, if fully comply with all the requirements of the Immigration Law, you will receive an immigrant visa, which means that when you enter Canada, you will receive and a residence permit for Canada, i.e.
Status of Resident of Canada.
Immigration to Canada: what you need to know.
The number of immigrants arriving for family reunification will increase insignificantly (from 80 to 84 thousand people). The population of the kingdom as of 2018 is just over 35 million people.
highly qualified specialists who can benefit the country. Canada feels a shortage of qualified personnel in various sectors of the economy. In order to comply with the requirements of Canada’s immigration programs, you must have a high professional level and its documentary evidence, as well as a good command of English or French; participants in the family reunification program; forced migrants who are subject to international refugee protection programs; representatives of foreign business who have considerable experience of entrepreneurship, are ready to invest in the Canadian economy and conduct business in the territory of the kingdom; Foreign students who study at Canadian universities; participants in international humanitarian missions.
For example, you are the custodian of a younger brother, or the only relative of a sick aunt who needs constant care.
The program is designed to attract highly qualified workers to the country.
Not all are required, there is a certain list of popular professions. But you can immediately get a residence permit in Canada. To participate, you need qualifications, work experience by profession and knowledge of English or French.
How to obtain a residence permit in Canada and become a citizen of this country?
The applicant must undergo a medical examination, collect the documents, hand them over to the consular department employees. It will take about a year to wait for the decision.
The visa fee is approximately $ 500. Professional immigration is a program that provides the applicant with a high qualification for one of the specialties on a special national list.
For each specialty there is a category to be confirmed.