Student visa to Australia.

Student visa to Australia.
Cost of registration: from 5000 rubles.
Visa fee: 17 750 rubles.
Processing time: up to 40 days.
Since November 5, 2011, new rules for applying for all types of student visas to Australia have been introduced.
First, it is now necessary to pay for training before applying for a visa.
Secondly, the Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA) is canceled.
Third, apart from IELTS, it is now possible to provide other certificates confirming the proficiency in English at the required level (except for a visa for English language courses).
Fourthly, to learn English in Australia, you do not need to prove that you studied English before.
As well as others, other innovations are envisaged that will be activated during 2012.
Student visas are designed for those who wish to receive, continue or graduate from education in Australia. Some of the occupations received as a result of training in Australia, provide an opportunity to work in Australia for temporary visas, or immediately immigrate to Australia in the professional category after receiving a diploma.
Students can work in Australia: 20 hours a week during training and without restrictions during the holidays. The work permit is included in the visa automatically. Some outstanding students may qualify for a scholarship that covers part or all of the cost of training.
We will help in the design of any type of student visa to Australia. The cost of issuing a visa is from 5 to 30 thousand rubles, and depends on the type of visa and the complexity of the process in each case.
In order to choose a college, university or course of study and become a student, you do not need to contact educational providers in Russia or other CIS countries: it’s a waste of time and money. Often, local agents offer inflated costs: educational agents live on interest from the amount you paid for studying in Australia, and therefore are interested in making you pay more. Moreover, upon arrival in Australia, such agents will not provide you any support, and you will have to solve all the problems yourself, for example, open an account with a bank, register with a taxation organization, if you want to combine training and work, look for cheaper and more practical housing and etc. For example, you can find a residence for $ 300 / week on the campus of an educational institution, or it can be for $ 140 in an apartment, but for savings to travel to Australia in your free time.
We will determine what needs to be done to ensure that you meet the criteria for issuing visas to the maximum, we will find the right educational institution for you, determine the set of necessary documents, help in filling out all the necessary forms, and deliver the documents to the Embassy of Australia. Representing your interests in an educational institution in Australia, as well as at the Australian Embassy in Moscow will be a licensed Australian migrant agent. Your personal presence will not be required, however, embassy staff can hold a short telephone interview with you.
The main criteria for issuing a visa:
availability of sufficient finance, from $ 1500 / month for accommodation, plus the cost of training (course) and flight in both directions.
presence of strong ties with the motherland, guaranteeing return after graduation.
compliance with the level of knowledge of English language visa requirements, see Language requirements.
Do not fall for the promises of some companies that promise you the program & # 8220; Work and Study & # 8221 ;, this is a deception: there is no such program in Australia for either Russians or any other foreign citizens. The most that you can do in such & # 8220; agencies for employment abroad & # 8221; & # 8211; this is a student visa with a work permit, taking a lot of money from you. It should be noted at the same time that students can both study and work in Australia, but the key word here is & # 8220; to study, and a work permit is included in the visa automatically when you issue a student visa, and you do not have to pay anything extra for this. Remember that the main purpose of the student visa is “#.” it’s exactly getting an education in Australia, and in no case is it a job!
Let’s draw a conclusion from the above & # 8230; In any visa application, your signature will stand, which will be an indication that you knew what was going on in the office of the employment company that offers you the non-existent program Work & Study # 8221; . By submitting such a statement on your behalf, and bearing no responsibility for its content, they thereby put your reputation in jeopardy. If you tried to apply for a student visa for work in Australia, you thus deceived the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia, and some employees of the Australian Embassy in Moscow for some reason shut their eyes to it. If the deception reveals, then you will be deported from the country and will be permanently barred from entering Australia. And given the presence of a negative visa history, you will have problems entering other civilized countries. Unlike the company, which will work for you well.