The property.

The property.
Property abroad.
& laquo; Moving to Estonia was easy & raquo;
Reader & laquo; Newspapers.Ru & raquo; about moving to the Estonian city of Tartu.
“Entering the University of Tartu was easier than going there on an exchange. Get a temporary residence permit & ndash; easier than a visa. In Estonia, everything is simple. All around they speak Russian, they sell Tula gingerbread in shops, and if you choose the right routes, you can forget that you once left your home & raquo ;, & mdash; Reader & laquo; Newspapers.Ru & raquo; about moving to Estonia.
To Tartu quickly get used to, if you came from the same small town & ndash; it does not matter from America, Finland or Russia. The city is ruled by rhythms: then everyone runs to the sale to the central department store, then they go to the bot sade to observe the cherry blossom. When there are not many opportunities (neither you IKEA, nor H & M), you learn to enjoy what is.
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How can a Russian person get to Estonia? There are two verified versions & ndash; go to university or be born right here.
With work in this part of the European Union is tight: the Estonians themselves complete high schools and leave for Germany or Scandinavia. Well and to us and so it is good: all the same if job will be, the average salary is twice higher, than in Russia, and checks on the average are less even after jumps of euro.
I came here on the beaten track: first a conference of young philologists, then six months of exchange, and then a magistracy. It just happens that the first time you hear Vivaldi’s “Spring” from the town hall clock, you inhale the air with a haze and you will understand that you will never be released again. Therefore, you do not even have time to ask yourself: “How? Learn again ?! ”
It was easy to move.
I passed the TOEFL, wrote a motivation letter, sent the documents to the admissions office. A few weeks later I received a long-awaited answer: I was taken to Tartu University for an English-language master’s program in semiotics.
With residence permits, there were no problems & ndash; even in the spring, the university staff sent detailed instructions, and in August they arranged a meeting with representatives of the police, where you could ask all questions. Yes, the residence permit is issued directly in Estonia: you enter the country on a tourist visa, and you collect the necessary documents on the spot. Standard set & ndash; a heavy questionnaire with attachments and autobiography, a certificate of income, a certificate from the university, a photograph and medical insurance. The latter is bought on the Internet or in the Estonian bureau: the cost depends on the age, for students it is about three hundred a year.
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By the way, in Estonia you can do everything on the Internet & ndash; for example, to vote, and cards are accepted even in minibuses. Unofficial name of the country & ndash; e-Stonia.
“At least a student is required to live approximately � 300 a month, not counting the cost of utilities,” & mdash; a university reference book for international students. This, of course, rather about “Erasmus”, those who come for an exchange for a semester or two, leads a cheerful way of life and for this is still receiving a scholarship. Typical student & ndash; a man experienced and thrifty & ndash; can be satisfied and half the amount.
Accounts for an apartment constitute the main point of expenditure, while prices are lower than Moscow’s almost a few times. Dorm room & ndash; with internet and floor heating & ndash; can cost up to � 130 per month, including utilities. Good one-bedroom apartment & ndash; about & euro; 200. True, checks for water and heating are not as great as in winter: sometimes you have to pay in � & 160; And they stoke at the same time not at all like in the bath, but from the water in the kettle, a centimeter layer is boiling.
Here it is necessary to make a small digression. In Estonia there are 1.3 million people, and in Tartu, the second largest city, & ndash; a little less than a hundred thousand. Of these, a fifth are students, including visitors. There is not enough separate housing for everyone, so the search for an apartment turns into a journey through very quaint places.
We live in Annelinna & ndash; sleeping area of Tartu. Here there are habitual high-rise buildings, on the walls write “Tsoy is alive”, and the grandmothers are discussing the latest release of the program “Time”.
Reader “Gazety.Ru” on how to get a residence permit in Europe.
Of course, it is more prestigious to live in an old wooden area, but a Russian person loves comfort: to shower not in the kitchen and in general a bathtub, central heating, separate bathroom and washing machine. To find a living space in the historical part of the city, one must make great sacrifices: either spend waste money, or, well, be washed in the kitchen. There are interesting options & ndash; for example, a passage room under the roof of the mansion, unfurnished, but with a hydromassage bath. By September, not only the apartments run out, but also the prices soar, so the search is better to attend to in advance.
When there is already, where to live, with the rest it’s easy to manage. In Tartu, you can safely dine for ten euros or for the same amount to buy products for the day. On black bread and buckwheat, you do not have to suffer: there are rja, enka, keefir and even cheese curd (Europeans buy them up in bundles and take them home as souvenirs). However, behind clothes, footwear and technics it is better to go to Tallinn or at all abroad.
Among the disadvantages is the lack of large stores, although this is probably for the better.
In winter it is cold and dark, but sometimes the northern lights are shown, and the spring is such that keep your head. As for the oppression of the Russian people, it is better to ask about this on TV. Most Estonians know Russian and are willing to speak it, and generally a common language can be found quickly. Still, the neighbors.