The Russian village must replace the Maldives.

The Russian village must replace the Maldives.
Normal Russian people should not forget about their land.
There was such a song: “And I’ll go to the village to my grandfather, in the village to my grandfather I’ll go.” Well, there are people who have neither grandfather nor village. And there are people who have a grandfather and a village. That’s about everyone having a grandfather, and that everyone has a village, we’ll say a few words today.
Village & ndash; it really is such a patrimonial place, from which everything big and serious grows. And then Rasuly Gamzatov, Valentina Rasputin, leave the city. Or they stay in the village, and then they create science and literature, and everything else. Well, since our world is urbanized today, it is worth using conscious efforts to counteract such fatal urbanization.
Only in the twentieth century, my friends, the number of residents of the city exceeded & ndash; for the first time in the history of the world & ndash; number of inhabitants in the village. And, at the end of the century. Such megacities as, say, Mexico City, or Tokyo, or Jalalabad, or Bombay. Well, of course, Moscow, New York. Such crawling, huge blobs on the world map for the first time in terms of the number of people living in them exceeded the number of people living in the countryside, which expel cows in the morning, dig a garden. Then, along the road, they sell berries gathered in the forest. That is skew. Now the trend to increase the cities and living in them will continue. And sociologists, demographers, psychologists and others talk about what is expected, so to speak, the development of urbanization.
It, in general, and not bad, because in the city. Well, what’s the city? Do you want science & ndash; go to the city, there are institutes, universities. Do you want art & ndash; go to the city, there opera theaters and exhibition halls. And you want sin & ndash; go to the city, there you can find for yourself a thousand and one nights in two hours, and be unrecognized, because the needle in the hay & ndash; the same thing as a person in a city. Do you want holiness & ndash; go to the city, there are seminaries, academies and there episcopal departments.
As someone said, and I very much agree with him, in the city you can make a journey from hell to heaven and back for one day fifteen times. The city has it all. And in the village there is nothing. In the village there is only a village. In the village there is only that which God created. Only the sky, only the wind, only the sun, only the sea, only mountains and water.
And it is necessary that people love the land on which they live. And the young people did not run away from the village, but the city people, tired of the city, were returning to the village & ndash; or in the ancestral nests, or created there these very nests, already in adulthood. We need a salary for a rural resident, we need work, we need a demand in his workers’ hands. For an adult to come to the village, he, of course, needs to become much wiser.
Here you need to have a certain resource of accumulated capital and efficiency, saved energy for work, to come and create a place of residence, and find yourself what to do. Already far from all this. So, to wake up with the cocks and fall asleep with them. When they, so to speak, bow their crested heads, then you fall asleep. Because night & ndash; this is an inactive time for the village.
Let about it speak on Altai. Let them talk about it in Krasnodar. Let them talk about this in Karelia. Let them talk about this in Dagestan, these are also our people. And they say that the village preserves our spiritual nature, and it maintains our physical survival. The noble nests of our writers, Tyutchev, Turgenev, Tolstoy, & ndash; this is the birthplace of our literature, in fact.
In general, attention to the village, attention to a person working in the countryside, & ndash; this is really a noble cause. And here you need a state mind and a simple human heart.
Therefore, my friends, if you have relatives in the village, do not forget them. Not only to drink milk from the goat and grandchildren to improve for the summer, do not forget them at all. If you have an acquaintance, for example, the priest in the village, and this father in the temple has four grandmothers and one little child of five years in the altar, in a long verse seignard, then you do not forget this priest, help him. Because the church will die in the village & ndash; will die and the village itself. And several more will die next to him.
And in general, you need to quietly, so to speak, not to discover the Maldives. It is necessary to discover for yourself the native spaces. Domestic tourism, I apologize, though, an inner love for my own country. We need to discover for ourselves and the Vladimir region, and the Krasnodar Territory, and the foothills of the Caucasus. Discover for yourself the northern cold expanses, closer to the White Sea or the Baltic Sea. This is all our land: “This land was ours, until we got bogged down in the fight. She will die if there is a draw. It’s time to return this land to yourself. ” Remember who sang? The rock singer sang prophetic things.
So, the earth, history, homeland, soul should be in sight of a normal Russian person. It’s a shame that we are talking about what, like, is a common truth. But it is good that we are talking about this. Because it is not for everyone, it’s capital.
Love the earth. She will give you everything. And mind, and strength, and fresh bread.
September 7, 2016
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