We want to go to work with a child in Poland – can you help to take the child with you?

We want to go to work with a child in Poland – can you help to take the child with you?
The question is detailed.
My husband and I want to go to work with a child in Poland. My husband already worked there, cooperated with the Polish employment agency. They can send a six-month invitation to work to me and my husband, but we do not know what to do with the child.
No problem. We can help you with your visa. If your husband has worked there for more than 3 months officially in one of the voivodships – he can ask for a clearance card, on the basis of which you can apply for a visa in your country if you have the appropriate work permit from the Polish employer, and at the same time can take with them a child. However, your husband will also need to provide financial documents confirming his ability to support you in Poland (based on the calculation of about 35 euros / day stay for each of you).
Other legal issues.
Good day, of course the new employer can take you to work without analyzing the labor market, having issued to you at once a voivodeship permit.
Cancel – no. You can only address with a desire to refuse to consider the possibility of providing you a card from this.
There is no law confirming illegal work. While you have a valid visa you may well be in Poland. But, with any verification.
Receive from the employer a new voivodeship invitation for the dates of your visa.
We can not know the answer to such a question. The provincial invitation is a document giving the right to obtain a visa afterwards.
You need a new invitation or a new work visa. Only calling on the working national Polish visa is possible.
You can get a card for a stay either on the basis of work or study, as a long-lasting reason to stay in.
You can. You can hiring an employer in Poland yourself or by contacting the recruitment agencies that will pick up.
Having issued an entry Polish visa for a child of the appropriate category according to his further purposes of stay in Poland. If this.
The decision is made by the consul – whether to open a visa. You do not have to show your work experience for registration of a work visa.
Good afternoon. If you are sure that the ban period ends and all documents are collected correctly – the visa will be delivered. But we are.
It is necessary to receive a visa. Visa-free travel only applies for a short stay (180/90). And the right to work.
It is possible to be located. BUT, when checking border services (and such are possible), you are revoked with a possible deportation visa, which threatens.
Provincial invitation is an invitation of a foreigner to work for a year on a Polish employer. Request for it.
Get a new job invitation and you can leave. By the invitation that is left in your hands – you can only.