Where it is better to have a rest in Thailand in the winter. Resorts, weather.

Where it is better to have a rest in Thailand in the winter. Resorts, weather.
In Thailand in winter: choose the best resort for recreation.
Tourists do not see a particular difference in the resorts, so choose the first proposed option. Do not do this, it is better to first learn about the weather, and only then make a choice.
So let’s learn about the weather and after that you can make your choice.
Tourists come to the capital to walk around the city, to visit excursions. There are many sights, and many tourists. The city constantly lives and even at night life rages every second.
When going to Bangkok, you should know that this city is the most expensive in the country, so prepare your money.
There are also many tourists and many attractions. But the rest is one of the cheapest on the island. Undoubted plus is a large number of stores. Lovers of shopping here are waiting for thousands of stores and hundreds of shopping centers.
But the water temperature in the sea is stable throughout the winter. The sea is warm to + 28 degrees, and it is a pleasure to swim in it. Waves are, but they are not very high, so do not interfere with rest and are safe for children.
Krabi beaches are famous for their cleanliness. Here, even free beaches are clean and there are many vacationers on them. Prices at the resort are average, they are lower than in the capital, but higher than in Pattaya.
The water temperature in the sea is about +28 degrees. On local beaches you can rent water equipment. There are also schools of diving training. The underwater world of the island is rich and diverse. Dive under the water, and you’ll see for yourself.
In Phuket, a lot of entertainment, maybe even more than in the capital. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists here, and prices “bite”. But it does not matter, because in return you get clean beaches, lots of options for entertainment and excursions and only positive emotions from the rest.
The first two winter months here are warm, but in February it’s already hot. Closer to the spring, the air warms up to +35 in the afternoon, and about +29 nights. The rains begin to quietly remind themselves of themselves, although very slowly.
All winter the sea is calm and warm with a water temperature of at least +28 degrees. Prices on the island are not the highest, but you can find expensive hotels and budget.
Resorts in Thailand: a comparison.
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