Working visas to Australia.
Working visas to Australia are visas that allow their holders to live, work and study in Australia (temporarily or permanently), and, unlike professional immigrant visas, the determining factor in their issuance is the non-compliance of the applicant with a string of stringent requirements, and the petition ( sponsorship) of the employer to grant a visa to a potential job applicant who can not be filled by an Australian citizen or resident. Such a visa scheme is called the & quot; nomination scheme by the employer & quot; (Employer Sponsored Scheme).
The main subclass of temporary work visas to Australia is a sub-class 457 visa – Standard Business Sponsorship. The process of obtaining it includes 3 stages:
the employer’s application for the right to sponsor employees; nomination by the employer of a specialty (specialty) for potential or existing employees; the nominee submits an application for a work visa of 457 to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the Government of Australia.
At the same time, both the employer and the employee are subject to certain requirements, although not as stringent as in the case of professional immigration.
So, the employer should be a lawfully operating enterprise, without compromising history, seeking to use local (Australian) labor resources.
Specialty, which is supposed to take an employee from abroad, must be included in the list of specialties for the nomination by the employer. The proposed salary can not be below the level of $ 49,330 per year.
The following requirements are imposed on the potential employee:
English language proficiency (not lower than IELTS 5555, for some specialties the requirements can be increased); corresponding to the declared specialty education and / or work experience (for some specialties necessarily formal confirmation of qualification in the authorized body); absence of criminal history; absence of serious diseases.
Holders of temporary work visas 457 have the opportunity, after two years of work in Australia at the employer’s request, to obtain a permanent visa of class 856 and permanent resident status in Australia.
List of visas.
The scheme of the nomination by the employer. Subclass 457.
The scheme of the nomination by the employer. Subclasses 121 and 856.
Labor agreements. Subclasses 120 and 855.
Agreements on regional representations (RHQ)
Materials on the topic.
Working Holiday Visa is a means to meet the seasonal demand for labor.
The Immigration Department introduces stricter rules for issuing work visas.
In Australian society there is no unified position on whether the country needs professional immigration for temporary work visas of class 457.
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