Working visa to Australia.

Working visa to Australia.
Although Australia needs qualified specialists with knowledge of a foreign language, it is extremely difficult to obtain a work visa to Australia (visa of subclass 457). Our company does not provide services for the registration of work visas to Australia, the search for work in Australia.
Question: What is the “suitable Australian employer”?
Answer: “An Appropriate Australian Employer” is an employer whose company employs 10 people for a full-time job as of the last two financial years. To the attention of the gentlemen of the swindlers: The Horn and the Hoof office from the famous Ilf and Petrov’s work, even if it is in Australia and pays all taxes, can not be considered “an appropriate Australian employer”. Therefore, if you declare a “business invitation”, you will be required to provide documentary evidence that the employer meets the necessary criteria.
The certificates should include: Letter of invitation from the potential employer on the Company’s official letterhead with the full address of the company and telephone, fax, e-mail address and website. The name and title of the person entitled to sign letters of recommendation must be printed under the signature, and the signature must be legible, recommendations with illegible signatures will not be accepted. Details of the position that is offered to you, listing the five main job responsibilities. And also a detailed indication of the level of the proposed salary from the organization that makes the invitation to work. Including the number of full-time employees in the last two years. The Immigration Department will conduct an appropriate check to make sure that the information provided is correct.
Caution: Some Moscow companies (we will not name the names of these organizations) offer working visas to Australia for ridiculous money, promising “golden mountains”. Australia is really in a certain sense a “gold mine”, but only for those who got there “correctly”, in accordance with the immigration procedures of that country – for professional immigration, business or a work visa. To sober up lovers of idle dreams, we will inform you that the fees of registered immigration agents in Sydney are about AUD 10,000, which at the current exchange rate to the US dollar is somewhere around USD 8,000. Understanding the prices will help to correctly evaluate the proposals of Russian firms for “processing” a work visa to Australia for USD 1,500 – 2,500. As you can easily guess, this “work” is reduced to the activities for obtaining visa refusals.
Answer:> For the sake of an easy answer, we will break your problem into two questions. First. Your husband should talk to his employer, and if he does not mind, he writes a letter to the Department of Immigration of Australia that he agrees to “extend sponsorship obligations to his emploee family members”. And then you submit this letter and the same form 1066 (the same as your husband submitted to you, as a result you will have the same 457 visa, but this visa will not be associated with working with your husband’s sponsor (who is your sponsor, too ), and you can work wherever you want and whoever you want.On 457 visa, only the main applicant is required to work for the employer / sponsor, and family members can work where they want, although the visa category is the same visa of subclass 457. Although, most likely, Your spouse applied online application, you can apply for such a visa “online application.” Or, that even easier, your husband does it via the Internet.The main thing is for the employer to go to the meeting.Two, you will be assigned to work in Australia as if you were employed in Russia.That is, send out a resume, go to an interview and t Moving from Moscow to Sydney – “all other things being equal” – is comparable to the move from Vologda to Yaroslavl – the difference is only in the language, and so – all the same, you also need to look for work in Yaroslavl, and everything else too. Nobody will tell you exactly how to look. The general answer is: to search the same way as at home. You do not need to recognize a diploma, you just have to show it in your resume, and if you are asked, you will also be interviewed. Diplomas are recognized for immigration in order to fit into migration criteria, and for employment in Australia they do not need to be recognized.